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Its The Time To Party
Its saturday night and you want to party. You dont have time but you want to throw the best party in town. All you need ....
Design Your Office
Times have gone when architecture and design at offices were not considered important where productivity was concerned. ....
Friends Vs Parents
"a true friend is one who sympathizes with your troubles even when they are not so bad." teenagers are closer to friend....
Professionals At Home
have you ever noticed that a doctor always prefer to marry another doctor and an engineer chooses to marry an engi....
I.T. Makes India Look Good
The boom of i.T. In india has not just made a mark in the field of technology but is also on its way to make india look ....
The Business Of Looking Beautiful
According to fashion designer calvin klein, "the best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." ....
This One Is Not For The Road But For My ..
Alcohol is a mind-altering drug, which has picked up some illusion of exception compared to drug addiction. If you drink....
Size Does Really Matter
Eating a healthy diet does not only mean eating nutritious food but it also refers to eating the right amount of food. I....
Strike The Right Chord By Studying Abroa..
The trend of studying abroad is the latest fashion followed by students of the world. The asia-pacific region especially....
The Financial Planners
There is a complete new class of professionals called certified financial planners who offer solutions and plan for ever....
Writers Use Typewriters Not Computers
Life moves in a cycle. Something that is new today will become old tomorrow and the thing of the past will become todays....
Ms Office Introduces Data-gathering Tech..
Microsoft corporations plan to introduce a data gathering technology in its office business software is expected to sque....
Noise Can Lead To Silence
Staying in a place full of noise often gives a headache or becomes a nuisance. On the other hand silence can rejuvenate ....
Call The Help Line And Get The Service
Living in a democratic country brings with it the right to free expression. The people of india have realized their righ....
Four Men, One Boat And Lots Of Adventure
The indian army believes that an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. the indian armys decision to pa....
Local Residents Face Leopard Threat
Residents living in the suburbs of powai, adjoining the sanjay gandhi national park, are under the threat of death every....
Herbal Drugs Undergo Toxic Tests
The first step towards a healthy life is to stay alert. But the desire of having a good health is accompanied with blind....
UK College Faces Criticism
The recent boom of jobs in call centers has improved the standard of living of thousands of indian homes. But on the oth....
Diwali Lights Up Johannesburg
The festive season of diwali has crossed the boundaries of india and is spreading its splendor in other parts of the wor....
Mars Comes Close To Earth
Living on earth has become so much of a habit that we forget the existence of other planets and heavenly bodies around u....
Non-vegetarian Food Appears On Indian Me..
Few years ago, india, a country consisting of 90% of the worlds hindus was predominantly known for its vegetarian diet. ....
Can India Accomplish Economic Marvel
This article aims to explore the prospects of an economic miracle during the current decade for india. It is almost a de....
Goodbye Office, Hallo Web
A quite revolution is transforming the way people interact and function. New, agile web software such as ajax now allows....
Longing for a leave.
Not being granted leave at work is becoming a major issue with professionals, even leading to extreme reactions
Job Strain May Be Hard On Arteries
If you are a man engaged in stressful jobs, than you need to take measures to protect your artery. Latest study reveals....
Drink At Your Own Peril? Too Much Water ..
Excess drinking water in excess can cause hyponatremia especially among runners.
Soft Drinks Impact On Obesity Questioned
Allegations on soft drinks have always been in news. However this time it is the other way round, the allegation that so....
Brain Sex Determines The Illness You Get
It is said that if man is from mars, woman is jupiter. To add on to the untold number of distinguishing factors, the sci....
After A World Tour, Yoga Reaches China
The legacy of yoga has endeavored many around the globe. This times its china thats magnetized by the yogic ethos.
Heard Of Cyber Phatakas?
Theres a bigger, safer bang this diwali-via the internet!
What Is Total Knee Replacement?
A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure whereby the diseased knee joint is replaced with artificial material.
Big Games, Bad Movies…
Great games do not necessarily mean great movies, as a series of game-based flops have proved recently
Social Impact Of IT
They include computerisation of the railway reservation system, dramatic success of the stock exchange and use of electr....
Time For Detox Diet.
Swing back to good health with a detox diet
Go For Nuclear Power
With rising oil and coal costs, it is the best option
Swaddling Helps Baby Sleep Tight
Should the child be swaddled or not? stop worrying mothers. This article might just prove to be an answer.
Freeze Therapy Cure For Lung Cancer
Medical science is making unremitting attempts to free human lungs from the clutches of cancer. The latest in the course....
Male Hormones Up Womens Libido
The male hormone testosterone is used in female libido, for treating the feminine problems. A sneak preview of the proce....
Time For Opportunities
At the global level, the finance profession today faces many important challenges & at the same enjoys many opportunitie....
Osteoporosis: What You Should Know
Answers to the questions that every man and woman needs to ask about osteoporosis
How To Become A Gentleman
Etiquette required to be a perfect gentleman
Sos For Mobile Users....When Gadgets Att..
Users of mobile devices are suffering from repetitive stress injury, a problem computers users are much too familiar wit....
Burn Energy To Get Good Metabolism
Is metabolism something were stuck with for life- really just the luck of the draw in the genetic lottery or can we rev ....
What Men Want?
Four things a woman must know which drives a man wild
The Festive Spirit!
Whether you are looking for funky stuff this diwali, or traditional ways to design your home, the choices are limitless
Inner Landscapes
In olden days, mans power & prestige was measured by the cattles he had & by the space he owned in front of his house. I....
Liven It Up! - Design Your Living Room I..
How to design a living room with a budget of rs. 1,00,000
Paint It White.
Shades of white provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of colours, but use them carefully
Tackling Thyroid
Women are eight times more prone to suffering from thyroid problems than men! rings some alarm bells
Foodie Wicket : Cricketers restaurant ve..
Three restaurants promoted by cricketing superstars go under the scanner
Bugging Connectivity - New Age Cell Phon..
Are new-age cell phones as safe as you think they are?
These Handbags Can Save The World
A range of bags, made entirely out of recycled materials, has become all the rage
California Calling
Cindy loose takes you on a trip from point reyes to mendocino, north of san fransisco, america. A must for children too
Gold Is Always In.
There is no rationale that can explain an indians passion for the yellow metal
Walk On The Wired Side
They spend more time on the internet than the idiot-box. So if youre hoping to get into the mind of i-gen youd better ge....
Saas-Baho Serials V/S Mario & company.
Saas-baho serials versus yahoo and google, with mario and snake for company-those are the choices confronting todays 15....
Celebrity Endorsement Or Star War?
They may be just about as old as sania mirza, but they can still dig someone, their granddads age. Theres no second-gues....
In Tune With Teens, The Ad-Makers Way.
They could be a marketers most reliable barometer of changing consumer attitudes-be tunes into teenagers who are as old ....
Its been the basis of a thousand stereotypes, and survived half a century of independence. The differences between the n....
The Right Equation
In the second part of operational research management, talks about mathematical models that help analysts examine system....
A Brainy Option - Neuroscience
Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field which involves many levels of study
A Healthy Carrier.
Being a dietician and fitness instructor can be a very fulfilling career
Engineering Success
Agilent technologies all india best b.Tech. Project award 2005 was an attempt to inspire engineering students to think b....
Students To Travel For Less.
The sheer number of students going overseas for higher education has prompted many in the travel sector to put together ....
Educational Loans - Between The Cup And ..
Educational loans are in vogue now. But there are still hiccups like collaterals and insurance
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Still clueless about the hair removal technique that is right for you? read on,..
Navigating Tough Times
We go through several stages of change whenever faced with trauma. Here is how to cope with it
Gadgets That Bridge The Gap
Parents want education, kids want entertainment. The hunt is on for tech toys that have both
Up Your Scent Quotient!
Part of being groomed means smelling good
Exploring Workforce Planning.
Workforce planning requires a lot of commitment and active participation from the top management
Its Time For A Break
Problem: youre not really ill but you want/need/deserve a day off. Solution: call in sick
The Need For Beads
Put down your knitting needles, beading is the newest trend weaving its way through craft clubs
Genxs New Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum
More and more youngsters are opting for buddhism in a bid to break away from puritanical rituals and doctrines
How Does Reit Help Individuals Invest In..
Know Whats In It For You - Endowment Lif..
The twin functions of insurance cover and investment have drawn many to an endowment policy. Like so much in life, there....
Navi-Mumbai Has It All.
Art Deco Finds Many Takers
The classic urban art deco style of the 20s,30s is experiencing another revival
Indian Cruising ; Making Waves With Libr..
Superstar libra, the latest addition to the star cruises asia fleet, heralds the beginning of a new era in indian cruisi....
Istanbul: A Turkish Delight
The allure of the mediterranean manifests itself in the beautiful town of istanbul. There is a lot of to do in this anci....
Waiting To Inhale
Breathing is much more than just intake of oxygen. It can be a key to feeling and living better
Food Myths : Chew On Them.
To eat or not to eat? some food myths busted
Start Screen-surfing
High definition television sets are probably more affordable than you think
Jewel It Up.
Everyones watching what you wear. Adds sparkle to your style with a combination of couture and carat
Creative Inspirations
Takes you through an arrys of jewellery inspired by elements of nature and culture
Champagne Cheer
Spicy food calls for a different toast. Chooses the bubbly to face the heat of asian cuisine
Crucible Of Faith
Medieval history blends seamlessly with the present in the picturesque italian city of perugia, whose people once rebell....
Recruiters Revised.
With the economy on a roll, the recruitment services industry in india is witnessing a spate of alliances between foreig....
Gifted! - Find Unique Corporate Gift
Racking your brains for a unique gift for your corporate circle? look no further, doles out some tips to help your quest
Toon In - Cartoons Rule
Cartoons rule as far as children are concerned. Here is a pick of the most popular programmes
Eye Contamination - A Vision Statement.
If you think you can get a cataract or suffer from eye contamination only when you begin to age, read on. Younger people....
Love In The Autumn Of Life
Society might not approve, but older singles deserve a partner like any one else
Art Works
Paintings and sculptures displayed in city hotels reflect their personality
The Fdi Route - Fdi In Retailing
Retail is sunshine sector with tremendous growth potential and fdi can be leveraged for incremental results in the secto....
Get Off To A Flying Start - Commercial P..
Looking for a job that pays you a kings ransom to gallivant around the world? get your commercial pilots licence (cpl)
Bank On It : On Designing A Bank.
Designing a bank is not just about aesthetics; in-built quality systems, compliance to safety and continuity of business....
Opportunities in Research Management.
Operations research management offers a wide array of opportunities for the students
Dont Miss Out On Your Sleep ZZZZZZZs
Resort to wellness:Exploring spa.
Increasing consciousness about a better quality of life has given birth to a whole new industry
Banish bad hair days
Bothered with greasy, limp, dull or static hair? give your crowning glory some tender, loving care and get ready to make....
Meeting Of Minds
Yes, it can be done without a noose, a gun or an axe! suggests some smart tips to take the bleating out of a meeting
Tress Stress - Hair Loss & Treatment
It Doesnt Get Any Smaller, And Cheaper
Indian brands have pushed foreign names out of the small appliances market with the help of better consumer understandin....
Season Spurs On Cars.
If purchasing a vehicle has been on your mind, there can be no better time than right now to splurge on that dream vehic....
Shared Meal adds a Great Deal
A shared meal can nourish our social and spiritual selves
Turkish Remedy for Revival.
Want to be really pampered for a day? try a turkish bath and massage
Has Your Treadmill Learned Maths?
The treadmill screen shows calories burned, but is it accurate?
The Right Pick - Choosing A Business Sch..
Usefull tips on how to go about choosing a b-school thats just perfect for your goals
Moving to Britain: Read this.
Planning to move to britain? from early next year, the paper work will be different. Gives you a sneak peek
Ideal Workout Plan
Every one wishes to pursue those toned abs & those perfect curves. But dont know how? in this article are mentioned few....
Costa Del Sol In Spain
Discover the historical legacy and the fascinating traditions that make the costa del sol in spain, more than just a pla....
At the back of it all - Backache
Backache is a common complaint for most women. Finds out ways to prevent that pain in your back
Skin Deep
As you get older, your skin care routines should change accordingly
Garba Raas And More
The 9 nights festival of navratri begins on the first day of ashwin of the bright fortnight. Its the time for goddess, g....
The Accountancy Profession: A Global Per..
India and its accountancy profession have come a long way in terms of both growth and influence. Over the last decade, t....
Amar Sonar Bangla
The bengalis seem to ruling! be it films, sports, or politics the bengal magic is glittering around. What could be the r....
Is Your Partner Cheating On You?
Spot-and deal with-that cheating heart
Inspirational Décor
Take inspiration from other cultures to give your home an unusual look, says architect, expanding on the oriental theme
Going Dutch - Amsterdam City
From classy canal cruises to historical architecture and museums, amsterdam is one quaint european city that spells roma....
Do it bright! - Kids room
Doing up your kids rooms might sound intimidating but they can be fun if planned right
Green signal - environment clearance nor..
The government has relaxed the environment clearance norms but the builders are still not happy
Make Your Home Snug And Stylish
Tips on renovating your from house to home.
Plugging In For Solitude
Listening to music, or just plugging the headphones is a new way to crank out distractions
Stanleys flying teapot - Stanley Steam c..
The first stanley steam car was built for personal use. But the interest generated caused 200 more to follow
Delicacies Of Navratri Style.
As celebrations continue, a low down on what delicacies one can tuck into during the navratra week
Top 10 reasons to dump your partner
Have you stopped looking forward to spending time with your partner? do his jokes irritate you? maybe its time move on
Exhausted? Heres How To Get Back The Zin..
Tips on fighting that fatigue.
How to deal with office fauna
Arm yourself with some tricks of the trade, and learn how to tackle difficult co-workers
Cyber Dating Could Be Dangerous.
With cyber crime on the rise, its good to be cautious while meeting your online date for the first time
WHISPERS - Space in Taiwan
Found that the old and new jostle for space n tiny taiwan
The Jean Pool
Denims journey from sturdy workwear to chic counture. And lists the absolute must-haves
Right Fragrance+ Right Mood= Right Homes..
People are using fragrance to set the right mood in their homes
Feel the fabric - Textile Design option ..
Textile design is a great option for students with creative bent of mind
Turn Wireless Through Bluetooth.
Time to get off the wire with bluetooth technology
IIT Guidelines For Genex.
Iit guidelines have become better for students. But they brought in mixed reactions about it tougher
Communicate ,The Right Way.
We know communication is key. In a new series, points out the subtle ways of getting across
Too Busy Doing Nothing
The person you hire for that vacancy will have an impact on the whole office. Offers tips to keep you from looking back ....
Scary Side Of The Steroids.
Using steroids is common practice among the six-pack tribe. But what of the ugly side effects?
Yoga Of Sound For Soul
Chant to raise energy, relax and stay in control. The yoga of sound is all about knowing your mantra
The Writing On The Wall: Not A Childs Pl..
Walls are no longer things that merely hold the roof up. As techniques and tools multiply, they can now be your very per....
Whats Hot In Cold? - Guide To Fall/winte..
From colours and textures to hair styles and accessories, heres your complete guide to the fall/winter look
Can You Repay Your Debt?
Fiscal prudence a must when you borrow
Sleeping Beauty: Over-night Beauty Treat..
Pressed for time? follow a beauty regime, even as you sleep
Curd Is More Than Just A Beauty Food.
Curd, the most common item of every indian diet, is not just great to eat but is also useful for many other purposes.
Bathrooms Just Got Better
Bathrooms are no longer merely functional, they have taken on a hue of its own and become trendy
Vastu For Your Bedroom.
Bedrooms have a very important place in a house. This is the only area of a home where one can have maximum privacy and....
Combating Earthquake
It is said that earthquake dont kill people but buildings do. So this goes without saying that you need to cautious whil....
Malls Make It Big.
Malls are our citys yet another attempt of aping the west. They are in & they rule. The latest survey suggested that the....
Indian Designers: Talent In Need Of Mone..
Indian designers are already wowing the world on international runways. But they are in desperate need of support from c....
A Breath Of Hope
Breath therapy can be effective in treating chronic lower-back pain
Learn To Fight Back
Nourish your body to wage a war against everyday health ailments
Green Tea Continues To Get Thumbs-up
Probably all indians start their day with it. It is found in 92% of the indian kitchen. And now it has a new flavor in t....
The War Forecast
Can software really predict the outcome of an armed conflict, just as it can predict the course of the weather?
Technology Redefinied.
Technology has influenced our lives in more ways than we can imagine. And its redefining social behaviour too.
Bring Home The Theatre.
Installing a home theatre system requires a lot of planning. Gives you the lowdown to ensure a simple setting
Design Diaries
If it is in your mind, the interior designer can make it happen for your home, says architect
Learn The Ropes - Educational Loans
If you want to study further, dont money be constraint. Theres a variety of educational loans available.
Demystifying the causes of pain and poss..
Pain can take over your life and leave you feeling drained and powerless. We look at causes, myths and cures.
Dealing with diabetes
Been losing weight for no apparent reason or feeling irritable and tired all the time? you could be suffering from diabe....
R U Ready For Romance?
Ready for romance? if yes, follow these steps to ensure romance romantic bliss
How to choose friends
Friends shouldnt bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself. You need people around you who reinforce your stren....
The IT workoforce challenges
The new lot if it professionals will have to equip or "res " even more with different type of certificatio....
The Emerging Landscape Of It-ites
A clutch of highly competen and globally benchmarked indian companies in direct competition with the captive operations....
A revolution takes root - Information Te..
It has permeated every level of modern urban life. But rural india is still far removed from the complicated world of ne....
A cigar is a cigar is a golf set
The governments recent draft policy on checking advertising is a draft policy
A plate full of colours
Fitness expert dr som tugnait on how to colour co-ordinate your food for nutritious meals everyday.
A different ball game - Marketing of Fin..
The ethnic order
Saris and kurtas can make for effective office wear. Shows you how going indian at work can be graceful and smart
Chirpy and cheerful at work
Leave the baggage of stress at home before you set out for work
Is Your Workplace "cool"
Today, office are equipped with an array of technological features and come loaded with a slew of hi-tech wizardry that ....
All work, no time for live
Dual-income couples struggle to keep the romance alive in their marriage
The Power of Yoga and Meditation
The power of yoga and meditation, the ancient hindu philosophy of exercise and well being, has entered the medical and j....
The Philosophy of Corporate Gifting & Fl..
Meditation to reduce Stress and Anxiety
Sometimes we fail to recognise that stress and anxiety have taken over our lives, that w are living in a state of nervou....
Everyones a tour guide
Forget travel guides and tv shows, the best holiday information is now on travel blogs
Meal planning eases kitchen woves
Preparing a meal on week nights is a wor1an womans nightmare. Make your life easy now
The rebirth of the living room
The living room is fast becoming the most un-lived in part in. The house. The latest trend is to turn it into a lifestyl....
Quick, call the ayurmedics!
Will ayurvedas inclusion in the mbbs curriculum mean the entry of quacks into medicine? not quite
A capital idea
many housing societies in mumbai do not charge maintence. Instead, they use alternative methods to generate funds
Unmatched style
Forget about perfectly matched furniture, eclectic homes are now in
How can you make a basement area user-fr..
How will Mumbai homes be affected by ear..
Long march: India steels the show in gro..
Hang Up On The Cable Guy
Tried of soaring cables bills & bad reception on your tv? switch to dth technology. But find out the channels on offer a....
Adventure on the white waters
Explore the extreme and never-ending thrills of untamed water with river rafting
Bails Healing Spirit
On the bali island, disease is just that: dis-ease. The city is a haven for those who want to unwind and relax or heal t....
Teen Life, As Seen Through Facebook
Fans go to the site for planning parties, finding the room numbers of classmates and just gawking at gawking at the live....
Have Wings, Will Fly
As the aviation sector goes full throttle on its growth story
Watch This Space
As mobile phones threaten to depose them as the most personal of technological devices, high-tech watches are fighting b....
Towards Greater Transparency - spurt in ..
Ever since corporates and industry at large have accepted the concepted of open offices, there has been a spurt in the ....
Fdi In Retailing
Fdi in retailing will be a boon not just to the real estate industry, but to the economy as a whole
Clearing The Problems Related To Airport..
Clarity in tender processes and stability would go a long way towards clearing the problems related to airport moderniza....
Corporate Responsibility
Just being human - "ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together"(eugene lonesco)
One Step At A Time
Bad habits might die hard easier to acquire in small doses
All In A Nutshell
Nuts protect, against heart disease, help 1ose weight and aid in diahetes control
Quit spending money on a facial at the beauty parlour. Do it yourself, save money and feel great too
For The Animal Lover
Biotechnology, coupled with veterinary science, enhances the quality of research on animal life, writes swati salunkhe
Writing On The Wall
Filly and mahrukh cama have been practicing the art of graphology to improve peoples life. They narrate their experience....
Hair and now
Hairstyling is synonymous with creativity, which requires students to be equipped with a ready-to- learn attitude
Law and Business
Sap & Frauds
Applying the 3p approach while auditing
Corporate Glimpses Law
Public issue of share- the first brush with the securities law
Fringe Benefit Tax - Some aspects
Smell Like Double Trouble
Has your partner been distracted, and a bit distant, of late? take note now. For all you know, your beloved could, be tw....
Match The Face
Studies show that people favour familiar-looking faces
How The Internet Killed The Phone Busine..
Almost-free internet phone calls herald the slown death of traditional telephoney
Big Is Beautiful - Sports Utility Vehicl..
Sports utility vehicles may no longer be the popular choice in the west but in india they are a big hit in with the cele....
How Do Earthquakes Affect Our Homes?
How Can The Position Of A Staircase Affe..
Waste not, want not
There are many lessons we should learn from torrential tuesday
Redecorating redefined
It can fill you with joy when your eyes feast on the effort, or leave you feeling miserable.
Its All In The Mind - Brands, Talent, Cu..
A companys brands, talent, customer loyalty and processes are no longer considered intangible assets. Intellectual capit....
A Dogs Life
Its wild and its outrageous. Canine couture is haute right now. Finds out what the barking is all about
Playing with the language
The growth of english language theater is part of a bigger picture in which indians are increasingly being empowerded by....
Choosing The Right MBA (masters In Busin..
Some valuable tips on how to choose the right mba programme
The great divide
Why is it that ceos are last to discover things that area critical to their organisations health?
Money managers
With stock markets booming s never before, there are plenty of options for finance managers in todays market. Identies a....
Shopping around for a digital camera?
With more models of digital cameras available, it is getting confusing for people who wish to buy digital cameras. This ....
Forests: Deep Dark & Profitable
India is like maternal home to mother nature and forests are among her most beautiful daughter. May be that is why the d....
A healthy carrier option
Students today have an array of carrier choices to choose from. A healthy addition to this list is nutrition & dietary f....
A Different Tribe
The rest of us can be forgive for thing of them as androids and cyborgs
Going The Milky Way
Milk is new elixir, recommend research studies in the west to milk is new elixir, recommend research studies in the west....
Shouldering on
Follow these tips to get strong and board shoulders
Do school kids need tech?
Parents are coaxed by advertiser into believing that newest computer or gadget will provide their kids with that extra e....
Preks for the fitness freak
It is said that good health always pays & some employers in us are actually working towards making this phrase a reality....
Plan Your Workforce
Considered as a superfluous task, workforce planning is often neglected. However if executed aptly it can readily set th....
Blazing Women Power.
With impressive presentation & performance fairer sex today steals off the show quite easily. And now to add that profes....
On The Negotiating Table
In an interview or elsewhere negotiation is one thing that will stand you in good stead through thick & thins of your li....
Into The Mouths Of Babes
Babies are smarter than we are about eating. Here is why we should take a leaf out of their plate
Gaming Get Bigger
Playing video games on high-speed pcs with high-definition screens can be addictive.
Calling Cards
Speaking long-distance is no problem even when youre abroad. This article is an attempt to take you paces
Regional Food Bites
Higher visibility, innovation and low advertising costs are giving local food brands increasingly bigger bites in the vo....
Why Branding?
Branding forms the a, b, c of any ad-mans dictionary. What is it in branding that makes the mantra of launching, project....
Orchestracting Fashion
Choreographing a fashion show requires skills a quotient above the just designer or chorographer concept. Check out what....
Why Client Buy Bad Work?
Clients have a natural tendency toward the mediocre, but it is up to their agencies to help them choose outstanding crea....
Advertising In Air.
The media has already captured the sources of advertising on land. Its now time to take over the sky. The use of budget ....
CEOs Back To School
When you think youve learnt all there is to know, its time to go back to school schooling never ends, not even for the....
Package Deal
Food technology added with a packaging degree is an interesting career option.