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Here Are Some Hair Secrets
so you always spend hours about thinking what hairstyle to wear before going to a party? are you always trying the new hair products to get that perfect hair do? well the first step to getting that perfect hairstyle is to understand the basic structures of your head, face and features.
Sometimes, when youre having a seriously bad hair day, you could actually be driven to thoughts of murder when a colleague with a fabulous hairstyle calmly informs you that she does nothing to maintain it. Just washes, lets dry naturally, and wears. Though this may seem incredible, it could happen to you too provided you and your stylist have understood the fundamental principle of your face.

Its the basic, natural shape of your head, face and features that forms the actual underlying structure in hair styling. The most stylish hairstyle in the world will have no positive effects on the way you look if it doesnt follow the shape of your head. Because unless the hair mass and its distribution are proportionate to the contours of your head and face, you will never achieve that balanced look that is so vital to beauty.

Thats why not all haircuts are equal. Some help to lengthen the face while others help to make it look rounder. The outer hair shape should fit the face shape to achieve a suitable hair arrangement.

So the first step to the perfect haircut is to understand the shape of your face. This is not difficult to do. Just pull your hair back and, using lipstick, trace the reflection of your face in a mirror. Then, assess the styles that are suitable for you in accordance to the following shapes detailed below.

What best suits you:
This is one of the most versatile face shapes in terms of the styles you could try. Many different styles will work for an oval face, but remember that no matter the length of the cut, people with oval faces look their best when they have layers near their cheekbones, lips or chin-basically whatever feature they want to highlight.
What to avoid:
Short layers on top of your head, as these add height and make your face appear long. Also avoid blunt cuts, as they will make your face look as triangular as the pyramids.

What best suits you:
If your face is more about length than breadth, you can add width with the help of bangs. Chin-length bobs and cuts are also ideal as they create the illusion of width, and a short bob full of volume will complement a long face. The bob should be short at the back and angled chin length at front. Curls and waves also add width to the face, so if you have straight hair, you can consider getting a perm.
What to avoid:
No matter whats trendy in season and out, keep in mind that layered hair does not suit a long face. In particular, avoid short layers on top, because they add height. And this may be sad, but its true: Long hair makes the face seem longer, so the traditional straight and long locks are not a very good idea.

What best suits you:
Hairstyles that fall to below your chin. Additionally, layers from the top down remove bulk and weight from the sides. You must go in for wispy and tapered ends, as these de-emphasise the roundness of your face. Hairstyles that add angles and help conceal broad, round cheeks look best on round faces. If you have short hair you must have a cut with most of the hair on top and less on the sides. If you prefer long hair, then any hair- style with curls or waves surrounding the face will be perfect.
What to avoid:
If you prefer short hair, stay far away from single length blunt cuts.

What best suits you:
Short, spiky cuts look great on square faces. Or you could also go for long sleek styles with layers that start at the jawline and continue downward. In fact, ideally you should go in a for shoulder-skimming style with loose layers. Side-swept bangs around your face will add wisps, emphasising your eyes and cheekbones.
What to avoid:
Single length bobs and blunt-cut bangs.

What best suits yon:
If you have short hair, you should keep your top layers soft and long. Side-swept bangs can also be effective. Those who prefer long hair you must go in for long wavy layers that graze the cheekbones.
What to avoid:
Harsh choppy layers and blunt cut bangs.
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Posted on : 31/10/2005
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