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Celebrate Diwali, Celebrate Life
Diwali, the most awaited festival of india, is celebrated across the length and breadth of the country. The excitement and the joy of the festival increase with every year that passes by. The thought of diwali is a celebration in itself.
Diwalis come and Diwalis go! The memories lie sketched in radiance in the dark cornerstone of memory. Several Diwalis celebrated across the great expanse of this country of contradictions, have created graphic memories of Diwali past and present.

The stark black deity of Kali, her red tongue hanging out, stared intensely. Glancing up in fear, my eyes flitted from the garland of skulls to the gleaming "khara, in her upraised hand. A mesmerizing vision of fear and yet a Goddess! The little lamb bleating in the corner, tore at my heartstrings and I beat a hasty retreat. Kali Puja or the Bengali celebration of Diwali never lived up to the imagery of festivity. The fear always took precedence and the lurking violence of Bali (sacrifice) added guilt to any experience of enjoyment. The razzle dazzle of fireworks did little to dissipate the fear and the only lovely memory of Kali Puja are the delightful hoops of light that the tarabatis drew in the inky skies.

The Marwari celebrations of Diwali in Calcutta, seemed more like it. Days of cleaning, shopping, cooking seemed to boil over in anxious excitement. The dribbling red sindoor of shubh labh being inscribed on the walls: green garlands of aam leaves guarding every door; colourful rangolis proclaiming joy rather than expertise; and finally the red and gold bandhni sarees, the jewellery, the glitter and the gleam of happiness in everybodys eyes.

The same festivity danced in the eyes of the crowd that had gathered at the High Range Club, in remote Munnar, Kerala. A relic from our colonial past, High Range Club) stood proud with its polished wooden floors and its pucca Raj air. Except today, planters of the Indian kind and kanjeevarams peopled its lairs rather than satin gowns and lace brushed the deep mahogany of its richly polished floors. And behold the portico where British planters once held sway to discuss the golf game of the day, it was ablaze with diyas! The mountains revealed in the fountains of light glanced on approvingly and the colonial past seemed to fade away in the effulgence of the very Indian Diwali of today!

The waterscape of the backwaters of Cochin was lined with light. Tiny shimmering diyas that lit up the dark green verge while the silent waters lapped its edges.

The temples with their well oiled stone interiors stood sentinel against the pitch black skies, every wall lit with a million diyas. As the drums rose in crescendo, the bombs burst shattering the silence and a few eardrums in between! The line of caparisoned elephants bowed their heads to the demands of festivity and the drums rolled on.

The Chinese nets, silhouetted against the dark sea and the etched radiance of fireworks brooded on.

An enigmatic picture as enigmatic as perhaps Kochi herself, where the dark waters close in sealing a thousand searing secrets!

Diwali in Bangalore was truly different! White pumpkins outside each house, badly botched and smeared with vermillion was a spectacle to stare at and wonder why. Till enlightenment came as it ever come in India, from a kindly neighbour who explained that the poor white pumpkins represented Narkasura, who was vanquished on Diwali.

The lanes of Malleshwaram were alight with diyas and the laughter of little children, bursting crackers. Women in vivid sarees, maroon kurnkum pottus and the ubiquititious mallipoo in their hair, busied themselves with rangoli. Pinched fingers dropped the white rangoli powder in neat white geometrical designs, ushering in the auspicious presence of Lakshmi. That dark Diwali in Bangalore filled my heart with the radiance of pride. Bedecking the floors with purple and pink Rangoli; lighting each dark window pane with a shimmering diya and irradiating my heart with happiness. For this was indeed a special Diwali! The Diwali in my own home! An experience as exhilarating as holding your first child!

The exuberence of that experience, however was short lived. Mumbai beckoned as only she can with a coquettish twinkle in her deep Arabian sea eyes. The Queens necklace enticed, Haji Alis solitary silhouette spun its web, and the magic of sea and sun charmed us into this quick silver land of dreams and reality. Diwali in Mumbai style was decidedly designer and like all times in Mumbai a time to indulge, to throw caution to the winds and splurge!

Red, white, saffron thorans jostled, dozens of diyas, candles, aromatic or otherwise, dripped from shelves. Sequins spangled on new newer and newest designs; Discounts cried out hoarse till one dropped in despair at how much there was to buy!

Adding to the merry melee, the bombs blazed in to the conundrum of traffic sound, starting the debate of noise pollution. In a city where everybody talks a few decibels higher, noise pollution cut a preposterously hung-up firangi figure. Mottled streets lined up end to end with red patakas declaring their defiance in a barrage of deafening sounds. The sound, smoke and fury reverberated the delightful triumph of those for whom Diwali is Dhamaka!

Yet even the clatter of the clam-ourous Mumbai life seemed to hold its breathe in a solemn prayer to Mahalaksmi on that deep dark Diwali night. And in the light of the glistening Diyas, one could see her footfalls as she walked the tired streets of Mumbai and blessed its dreams with Her divinity!
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Posted on : 3/11/2005
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