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Home Sweet Home
A home is a place where we spend most of our lifetime. So we must give attention to each and every corner our home. Festivals are a time when we get an additional excuse to decorate the home. The indian home linen market today provides a range of spring-summer collection, autumn-winter collection and a lot more to make your home a sweet home.
Its Diwali and this is just as good a time to give your home that festive look. Ever thought of the seasons in your room-its time you start doing so if you havent. While new collections are quite common in stores across the city, this culture has now moved to bed and bath products as well. Think about it-there was nothing fashionable about bed linen and bath accessories in India till a few years ago. People didnt even pay much attention to colour coordinating these. But now with Consequently, stores have brought in the culture of seasons in home fashion-spring-summer collection, autumn-winter collection and many more. All in designs and patterns matching with the seasonal aspects.

Coming of age
Home furnishings are no more about boring and dull bed sheets and curtains. They are occupying as much space and importance in the homemakers mind and wallet, as the rest of the items like the furniture or the accessories. As Deepali Goenka, Fashion Director, Welspun India Ltd. says, "Home furnishing in India till recently was absolutely unorganized, where in customers purchased their requirements from the nearby retailers and was primarily all about whatever was available. The buying was purely on the utility value and not on the intangibles like the brand name or the image associated with the product."

Of course, now the scenario is fast changing what with the increased awareness of global trends thanks to the technological innovations and also higher spending propensities.

One stop shop
The Indian home linen market is finally coming of age evolving from a colourless and drab market to a stylish and avant garde home fashion market. It is adorning a new stylish look with international and national brands creating retail networks across the country like Tommy Hilfiger Home, Spaces Home & Beyond and many others selling home furnishings from exclusively branded chain of stores. The trend is towards a medley of an intricately designed decorative home furnishings made of the finest fabrics-quilts, bed sheets, bedcover, napkins, home furnishing textile, cushion covers, curtains and furnishing items quilts, curtains, table cloth, home furnishings.

What it also means is that the consumer can buy home furnishings for the entire household-matching wall colour and drapes with bed sheets, pillow covers and night shades-all under one roof in a pleasing ambience. Many brands are operating in this space and seeking to provide the consumers with home solutions. These include names like Spaces, Anokhi, Fab India, Good Earth and many more, each with their own unique offering.

For eg. Spaces, the brand from Welspun group offers bedcovers, bathrobes, kitchen along with soft furnishing and accesseries-basically a one Stop Shop for all home needs. Or Anokhi the well-known brand from Jaipur and outlets all over the country, is famed for its designs that blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence on the various articles of home furnishings.

International trend
An international trend doing the rounds is Wabi-Sabi-the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature. According to Goenka, Wabi stems from the root, which refers to harmony, peace, tranquility, balance, simple, unmaterialistic, humble by choice, and in tune with nature.

Someone who is perfectly herself and never craves to be anything else would be described as wabi. Sabi by itself means "the bloom of time." Sabi things carry the burden of their years with dignity and grace: the chilly mottled surface of an oxidized silver bowl, the yielding gray of weathered wood, the elegant withering of a bereft autumn bough.
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Posted on : 3/11/2005
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