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Diwali - A Reason To Smile
The month of november along with bringing cool breezes and wonderful weather also brings with it diwali, the king of all festivals. People wait for diwali to start off with new projects and invest in fresh schemes.
Usually, a nip in the air signals the advent of November. This change in nature also revives our lives. We all observe this change and become enthusiastic about our work. Children have a great time as they enjoy their holidays. We start cleaning our houses and decorate them. Women start looking for new variety of sweets, which would bring them words of appreciation from their husbands friends. We all wait for this season through out the year. Yes its back. Its the king of all festivals. Diwali is back!!!

If you visit Thane or Mulund these days, you will realize the excitement and enthusiasm that Diwali has brought in. The streets of these suburbs are overflowing with people. Every shop has been so nicely decorated that it will tempt you in no uncertain terms to shop till you drop. The shops are working relentlessly, so they can satisfy their customers. Teams of dedicated salesmen have folded their sleeves up so they can help every customer with the product of their choice.

These suburbs are just rocking at the tune of Diwali. After the July deluge in Mumbai and its suburb, the traders had a very bad time. They lost their stocks. But Diwali has brought back all the smiles. Chuddmal Tikamani, a shop-owner in Thane agrees, "We all are awaiting Diwali, as we know that people will forget their pains. Diwali has brought back all the happiness. This festival of lights has taken off all the darkness. People are shopping enthusiastically." The same enthusiasm can be observed in all households. Says Paanchpakhadi resident Divyesh Mehta: "I was planning to buy a car for a long time, but somehow could not manage the money. With the new loan schemes and installment offers, I am going ahead to by a Toyota Innova as well. I have received great incentives from my company for achieving targets, so I want to buy something worthy this Diwali. I will surely buy this car. It will be a surprise for my family as well."

Women are known to be greater shopping freaks than men. They too have just decided to throw away all the restrictions and buy something good for their family. Mulund resident Meena Deshmukh shows off her new diamond necklace she purchased saying: "Last year I had thought I would buy a diamond necklace this Diwali. I saved money accordingly and with the bonus I received this year, I was able to buy this beautiful necklace." Along with the necklace for herself, she has also a bought a nice diamond ring for her husband. She adds, "He would never allow me to spend so much, but I think this is the festival, where I have to gift him the most lovable gift." No doubt, the Deshmukh family will celebrate the best time after their marriage this year.

Even for parents whose children are in Xth standard, it is time for celebration. With Nayak Tutorials offering the best coaching in Mulund as well Thane, parents need not worry about their childrens future. "We have the best faculty in the town to take care of the students. The well-equipped laboratories for practical and our regular exams will help students to give their best shot in board exams."

Children are any-ways happy with Diwali holidays they have. Its a welcome break from the busy exam schedule that awaits them. Shopping for Diwali has given them a good break. Aniket Mali, Nauapada resident says, "We have already bought new cloths for the family. Now I have to buy crackers for the Diwali and greeting cards for my relatives and friends. I am also demanding a new bicycle, which I want to go to my tuition classes." For college students, shopping is not something unusual anyways. Nishi Khanna, resident of Vaishali nagar says, "I have bought a new festival wear sharara and also I bagged one jeans and top along with it. This is the year in the season when parents do not crib about shopping and instead, encourage you to do so. I am now planning to buy few ornaments matching my new sharara."

Boys are also getting trendy with the fashion wear available in the market. Kunal Chakhale says, "I just bought a new shirt. I wanted to go traditional this Diwali so I have also purchased a kurta pajama set. I am planning to have a new hair cut, as I might visit my girlfriends house this Diwali."

And if the festival rush is on, can the elderly be left far behind? Shanti Samant, 63-year-old Paanch Rasta resident says, "Why should we lag behind. We might be old in age, but we are still young at heart. We did buy clothes for our grandchildren. We bought sweets, to give it our relatives. It is the most auspicious festival among all the festivals. We all need to forget our differences and get back to celebrate this Diwali with joy." They all are ready to celebrate, what about you? So have you finished your shopping..
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Posted on : 4/11/2005
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