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Pull up your socks and get ready to spread happiness around. On this festive season, try to make a difference to the lives of the people you know and make them feel special.
While the West witnesses the overflowing Christmas spirit in the last week of December, the same spirit visits us earlier in the year. Diwali is the time when this positivity gets a firm grip on us Indians.

Think Diwali and your face lights up as you envision the homes decorated with lights, the colourful flowers heaped for puja, the gifts exchanged and the sparklers brightening up the night sky. Diwalis booty is rich and teeming with happiness and good cheer for all and sundry. Here are some thoughtful tips on all those things you can try out to make the most of the festive bonhomie.

Revive old contacts
Missing those old friends you never managed to call or stop by for a visit? Well, this is the best time to rejuvenate those fond old ties. The festival of lights is good enough reason to make that long-pending call.
Advantage: Those two little words filled with the festive spirit may be very vital in reviving the lost friendship that you have been missing for quite a while now.

Know thy family
A good time to get acquainted with those relatives your parents keep yakking about, but you can never put a face to. Tag along with your parents when they visit them for the customary exchange of greetings and get to know your rishtedars better.
Advantage: This will impress your relatives. What is more, it will open the floodgates of affection. And chances are that they will flood you with blessings and gifts.

Shop for love
Sounds like a tedious job going through the flooded markets and handpicking those little surprises item by item for daddy, mummy, granny, grandpa, bhaiya. But this is the time to pamper your family.
Advantage: Earn a million brownie points and the scenario of higher returns always stands true. Your I Love You, Daddy photoframe in return for the car keys aint a bad deal.

Meet the parents
The festive mood is on and this is just the perfect time to bring in your boyfriend/ girlfriend, dressed in ethnic attire. Let them do the namaste aunty, namaste uncle bit to impress your parents.
Advantage: Your parents will get to know the homely side of your mate. All that festive packaging will be pleasing to the eye. In short, there is no opportunity like this one to make a lasting impression.

Get off the nagging hook
Your folks have been complaining that you dont spend enough quality time with them. Stay home and help out with the chores, go shopping and enjoy the togetherness.
Advantage: This one day devoted to the family will go a long way in keeping the nagging at bay for quite some time. So make time this Diwali to keep the rest of your year in good spirits.
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Posted on : 5/11/2005
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