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Your Faithful Best Friend
A dog is called a mans best friend and is known for its faithfulness. Having a pet dog apart from giving you company also gives you a good health and make your life beautiful.
Stress related diseases:
Petting and spending time with your dog can help you relax, causing your heartbeat to slow and your blood pressure to drop. Amazingly, studies of women undergoing stress tests have demonstrated that the presence of a dog had more effect on lowering blood pressure than the presence of friends. And recent studies show that having pets at work lowers stress levels and makes employees more productive.

Heart conditions:
Research has also shown that dog owners who have suffered a heart attack have a better survival rate one year after the heart attack than people without pets. Whether the health benefits of sharing your life with a dog are the result of your bond with your dog or the extra exercise you get through visits to the park isnt clear.

Alzheimers Disease:
The presence of a dog can ease the effects of Alzheimers disease. Studies have shown that Alzheimers patients have fewer anxious outbursts and fewer mood disorders if there is a dog in their home.

Some people who have periodic seizures have reported that their dogs can sense the on-set of a seizure before they can. Dogs can be specially trained to recognize some type of change prior to a seizure, and signal the owner of the imminent seizure. This gives the owner sufficient time to prepare.

Parkinsons Disease:
In addition to the tremors and stiffness that Parkinsons patients experience, they also face a problem called freezing. Their feet freeze in place while the rest of their body keeps moving, causing them to fall. A Parkinsons helper dog can improve the quality of their lives because they are trained to identify when a person with Parkinsons is freezing. If the dog touches the persons foot, it breaks the freeze and the person can continue walking.

General well being:
Walking your dog also means exercise for the owner. Walking in the park or visiting the vet gives you the opportunity to meet and talk to other people. Studies have shown that people walking a dos have far more positive encounters than those walking alone do. The average pet owner visits their doctor percent less than non-net owners.
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Posted on : 5/11/2005
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