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Lets Fight Stress
Are you unhappy with your way of living? do you get negative thoughts? do you get tired easily and suffer from frequent mood changes? then may be you are suffering from stress. The biggest enemy to mankind today is the daily stress. You can fight against this evil opponent and lead a happy and positive life.
Stress is an inevitable part of modern living. We all get that strained feeling when one has too much to handle and cannot cope with the pressures. The person pressured by deadlines, the unprepared student, a housewife who handles her children as well as daily chores of the day all experience different stressors, but all respond in the same biological manner.

So is it all that easy to combat stress? Researchers have proved that certain amount of stress is necessary for us to act in resourceful manner. This stress is positive stress. In general we can say that good stress results from situations we can control and bad stress results from situations over which we have no control. Stress serves you well when it heightens your creativity, your courage and your sense of being alive. Stress can alert you that you are acting against your values. When you need an impetus to right a wrong, change a bad habit or defend an important value in your life, stress can be your call to action.

Symptoms of stress
The most common manifestations of negative stress are moodiness, chronic fatigue irritability, depression and low immunity. The reason we dont recognize minor stress symptoms is that we have become used to looking for more common physical signals. But any kind of symptom can be a hidden signal of stress.

Stress busters
Once you have identified your stressor, next adopt techniques that relieve stress:

1. Talk to yourself in a positive way. When you are stressed you are more vulnerable to negative self-talk, the chronic criticism may echo in your head and heart. Counter these with affirmations about your ability and self-worth. Say to yourself that you love yourself and you are the best.

2. Exercising on regular basis is a wonderful stress buster. If you hate going to the gym take long walks or enroll in a dance class.

3. Laugh a lot. Humour is a potent stress reducer. Foster a humorous view of life. Be with people who bring laughter to your day.

4. Watch what you eat, when and how. Gulping down junk food on the run is a recipe for stress and discomfort.

5. Carve out an interruption free time in your day, when you are with a book, or listening to music or enjoying time with a friend.

6. Constantly trying to please others guarantees stress. Learn to say no when your schedule is full.
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Posted on : 8/11/2005
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