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Everyone Wants A Beautiful Home
We all want our homes to look warm, elegant and beautiful. Earthy tones bring warmth and elegance to our home. The elements of nature, when combined together, can create mesmerizing effects and make our home - the ideal place to live in.
It is now easier to bring in elements of nature that reflect soothing qualities signifying warmth and elegance. Materials such as wood, wicker, copper, linen or cotton, cherished for their natural beauty and earthy colours, can be used to give any room sophisticated variations of tone and texture.

Integrating earth tones into your environment allows the viewer a sense of approachability and connection. They tend to be harmonious, rich in colour and depth and impart a feeling of solidity and permanence. Earth tones complement most other colour tonalities suited more for open, uncluttered contemporary spaces. In addition, incorporating earth tones into your environment by using materials other than paint not only introduces new colour schemes, but also integrates alternate elements into your living or working space.

From the most minimalist contemporary interior to an over-stuffed setting, blending of materials like fabric, metal and glass results in a myriad solutions that create unique, impressionable interior spaces.

Neutral colours primarily consist of grays, beiges, tans, creams and taupe. These generally work with most other colours, making them excellent choices as background colours for walls and ceilings. Brown is earthy, rich and nurturing. It is a warm earth element colour and a great neutral for home decor. Combine brown with white or cream for a very pure, Zen-like space. When combined with light greens-lime or spring green-it wakes up the brown and although it is very earthy, it is also playful and can be used in a variety of modern looks. Brown with soft pink, soft blue or lavender combines earth and water elements. It creates a harmonizing space that has the energy of connections and relationships.

Sunlight is one of the most important elements of a natural setting. Use a light touch at your windows with bamboo shades or dress them up with wooden shutters to easily control the amount of light. Yellow lighting goes very well in Indian homes. Look for table lamps with ornate wooden beads, crystals, or earth-toned silk lampshades in greens or browns. A new trend in lamps includes interesting wrought-iron bases in tree-like shapes or beautiful natural stone pedestals. Candlelight brings a relaxing atmosphere to the home.

Traditional rooms can have heavy, carved wood pieces that epitomize ethnic charm. Furniture of this type is best suited to large living rooms where the ornate pieces will not overwhelm the space. Smaller rooms in compact apartments look better with lighter furniture.

Contemporary design can be sleek, visually elegant and is adaptable to the modern living room. The materials used are lighter woods with simple lines, metals, glass, chrome, bamboo, cane, leather, textiles, and plastics. Shapes of chairs and tables are often freeform, deviating from accepted norms.

Low-level furniture is a popular alternative. In traditional homes, low stools, divans and jhoolas complete the ethnic touch while floor seating on mats with low-level coffee tables can be created for modern interior decor. Partial floor seating combined with normal chairs provides a variety in seating comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Crisp cotton, jute or silk with earth-toned stripe textures in bold shades of pistachio, lime, gold, amber or even sky blue works very well for that earthy look in your home.
Posted on : 8/11/2005
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