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Wallpapers - The Instant Makeover Solution
if you are sick of cleaning the home after the long, messy and tiring task of painting, then try using wall papers to decorate the walls of your homes.
Wallpaper is a modern finishing material, which decorates interior walls and ceilings of homes, offices, and other premises. The world over it is accepted as a lifestyle product. There is a wide choice of design, shades, textured material and variety now available in India and quick installation can be done on any dry primed leveled surface without any dampness or leakage.

There are several types of wallpapers. These are solid vinyls, poly vinyl foam, silk, viscose and natural wallpapers handcrafted by traditional artisans. These come in cork, cane, jute and other Metallic shades.

A new trend of using border at three feet height from floor level is becoming popular. The wall below the border is covered with a stripe design or a darker shade, complementing the wall design. This style adds not only to the richness of the decor, but also supplements utility value. If at any time the lower portion of the wall needs a change, the replacement becomes very economical, since the entire wall and ceiling does not need to be done again.

Today, vibrant colours are preferred over soft hues of whites and off-whites. They bring life to your interiors. Colours like lemon yellow, deep orange, bright maroon and others are in vogue.

Budgeting for good quality paint and wallpaper is almost the same, but imported wallpapers cost upto Rs.l00 per square foot. Some special materials also cost up to Rs. 200 per square. foot. or more. Indian wallpapers are available in a range of RS.11 to Rs.80 per square foot inclusive of installation at site.

People looking for timesaving and convenience prefer wallpapers. It is also useful to those who have breathing and asthma problems, skin problems, and allergy problems. Wallpapering can be done in just eight hours whereas painting takes 12 to 15 days.

P.V.F. wallpapers are fire retardant, tear sponge washable, heat resistant (thereby maintaining a steady room temperature), odourless, noise-absorbing and clean and quick to install. They also suit every budget.
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Posted on : 8/11/2005
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