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Get Ready For Your Honeymoon
So you are getting ready for the best time of your life. Take care of the following points to make your honeymoon trip organized and more enjoyable.
For newly wed couples, honeymoon is the best time to explore each other and get prepared for the life ahead. The preparations for making the honeymoon a success begin even before the wedding. The families of the couple also take keen interest in deciding about the honeymoon.

To make your honeymoon the most special time of your life and to cherish it for the entire lives one must keep in mind the following things so that the honeymoon is smoothly accomplished.

1. Choose your vacation luggage carefully. While togetherness is great, its advisable for each of you to pack at least one bag of your own for clothes and toiletries.

2. Select vacation bags with wheels. Even garment bags come on rollers these days, so theres no need for anyone to wrench his back before the big night. And you wont feel so guilty including every-thing youd like to pack.

3. Pack right for the weather. You wouldnt carry the same things on a safari vacation as you would on a trip to the tropics or Europe.

4. Going someplace where youll need to dress for dinner? Place sports jackets, pressed shirts, and dresses in a shared garment bag. If possible, keep them separated by dry cleaners plastic or tissue paper to avoid wrinkling.

5. Roll, rather than fold, vacation garments. It saves packing space and also can cut down on wrinkles.

6. Make sure your name, home, and vacation address are on a luggage tag and somewhere inside the bag you pack as well.

7. Pack your carry-on carefully as pieces do get lost. Travel with one complete change of clothes, vital medicines, and sundries you cant live without in your carry-on.

8. Hate to carry heavy shoes, books, and/or sporting equipment? Make life easy for your-selves: Send it ahead via courier, and arrange with your hotel to hold it until your arrival.

9. Know what size carry-on your airline permits, and how many pieces are permitted on board.

10. If youre on a budget, pack things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and skin lotion rather than planning to buy them at a vacation resort, where theyre often expensive.

11.Make a photocopy of all your credit cards that shows numbers clearly. Pack a copy for yourself and leave the original with a trustworthy friend.

12. Pack a surprise. Theres nothing like finding a beautifully wrapped gift on a pillow your first night together as Mr. and Mrs.
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Posted on : 9/11/2005
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