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Care For Your Hair
The winter season brings with it a relief from the hot summer sun, but it also brings the difficulty of managing ones hair. Here are some tips to wear that hairstyle that the winters were not letting you put on.
Like your skin, your hair too needs protection from the intense sunshine and cold winds. So along with your woollies, cover your hair with scarves and caps. A chic hat too can act as an ideal protection.

Remember to tie your hair with a scarf, if you are travelling on a two-wheeler to protect it from acute dryness. Comb your hair three to four times a day to rid it off dust particles.

Mild Washes
During winter, always opt for a mild shampoo. Overdoing the shampoo regime will result in removing all traces of natural oil from your hair leading to dry hair, dandruff and hair loss. Also, wash your hair with lukewarm water since hot water makes the hair even drier.

Deep Condition
Intensive hair conditioners help combat dryness caused by the cold weather. Conditioners are a must after every wash, especially for dry and thick hair. However, if your hair is extremely lifeless, a deep conditioning treatment at a salon is recommended. You can opt for a hair repair mask, which replenishes the natural oil making the hair manageable and lustrous once again. Another treatment during winter is the application of a hair serum. Normally, the serum produced in the scalp, nourishes the scalp and the hair shaft in direct contact with it. Thus, while at home, nourish the mid lengths and tips with hair serum (available in the market). Take two to three drops of the serum and rub your palms together. Apply on each strand when the hair is wet. Keep blow-drying to a minimum, as this tends to make the hair dry.

Home Remedy
Incase your hair suffers from the problem of acute dryness caused by daily heat styling, constant chemical processing, over shampooing, and frequent exposure to the sun and wind, heres a simple home treatment natural conditioner can offer an alternative cure for repairing dry hair. Simmer together one cup of milk, one cup of water and dried rose petals. Allow the mixture to cool and pour into a blender.

Add a ripe avocado and two teaspoons each of honey and almond paste or almond oil (without alcohol). Blend the ingredients together. Massage the home-made conditioner carefully into your hair coating the ends well. Wrap hair in plastic and rinse after 30 minutes.

Static Solution
Static energy tends to be very strong in wintertime. If your hair is charged with static, brushing your hair is a very big problem. Static does more damage than anything, even with static free brushes. Rub a dryer softener sheet over brush, and even down the wake of the hair, before brushing. This cuts down the tangles. You can also use jojoba oil after washing to add the natural amount of oil to your hair.
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Posted on : 9/11/2005
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