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If you are a nature lover and if you have an incline towards wildlife photography then you need to keep certain important points in mind to click the right pose of your favourite wild animal.
A good photograph can make you live a moment once again. It can bring back old memories and emotions. Photography helps us keep a record of special and important moments of life.

Photographing a human is comparatively easier than photographing animals as you explain what you want to the former but this is not possible in case of the latter. If you have the nerve to photograph wildlife then you must keep certain points to make the picture worth a thousand words.

Five steps to becoming a successful wildlife photographer:
  • A WILDLIFE photographer has to be a naturalist first to understand the subject and its importance in nature. It helps to interact with people in the field, read wildlife books, and join a photography group like the Photography Society of India. For Mumbaikars, BNHS can be a referred port of call.
  • Get the right equipment and upgrade with experience. Starters can begin with a medium 300mm lens, no need to get intimidated by sophisticated and costly equipments.
  • When in the wild, learn to be patient and develop that sense for the right timing. The longer you are in the field the greater is the chance to get good pictures.
  • Shoot your pictures with a conservationists mindset. Earlier people used to shoot pictures with their feet on dead animals, but wildlife photographers today have a responsibility to live up to-pictures should have the potential to become talking points and raise issues.
  • Beginners can look at greeting card makers, NGOs, magazines, stock agencies and photography competitions as sources of income.

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    Posted on : 11/11/2005
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