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Lunch Time Is The Time To Shop
Do you complain about the long working hours that do not allow you to go shopping? do wish that you could just steal some of your office hours and fill the home with groceries and vegetables? well all this is possible, but only during the lunch break and that too with extra care!!!!
When malls and shops start sprouting in your office complex and the working day exceeds long beyond regular shop timings, lunchtime shopping is bound to happen. Says Vishakha Pandit, a tour and travel executive, whose office is a hop, skip and jump away from the Phoenix Mills, "I do it quite regularly. Evenings are pretty crowded there and I leave office by 8 pm, which means my groceries have to wait till weekend. So I just slip for half an hour and do my essential shopping in the afternoon."

For many others it is just a form of retail therapy. Boss fired you: go shopping. Deadline not met: go shopping. Boss is away: go shopping. Office party in the evening: ditto. "Even if one doesnt want to buy, it is quite relaxing to just take a stroll after lunch. We take a walk at Westside or go to Fountain," says Sheena C, who works at Colaba.

Administrative and HR authorities might not look upon it too kindly but lunchtime sprees are quite a done thing at many offices. Here is how to get the most out of your little shopping time:

Make sure your absence goes unnoticed.
Dont go shopping with all your co-workers. Your boss isnt going to take it lying down if all of you are out. Instead go out alone. You get more work done in less time. If you have to take someone, take your boss so that he or she has no reason to scold you.

Take a sample size.
Dont waste time trying out stuff in shops. Instead take a sample size shirt of the same brand to use as a size guide.

Leave trouser shopping for the evening.
Trousers take too much time to try out. And the post-lunch paunch will always give you a tighter fit.

Wear slip-on chappals.
It might sound silly but if you insist buying pants in the afternoon, wear chappals. Half the time you take to try out trousers goes in taking off your shoes or sandals.

Make a list.
If food and grocery shopping is the agenda, list down all you want to buy and then go on in a focused manner.

Dont show off.
If you do come back from the shopping with loads of stuff, refrain from showing it off to colleagues. Fawning fellow workers might give you a high but the disruption is not very encouraging to future trips.
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Posted on : 11/11/2005
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