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Enjoy Life at work
Corporates now offer employees with dating allowances and time for taking short naps and playing games in order to energize and motivate them to work better.
Napoleon did it on the battlefield. Edison did it on his desk. Einstein did it between equations and Leonardo Da Vinci between paintings. Call them power-naps, cat-naps or just plain grabbing forty winks, even historys great men couldnt resist the lure of a quick snore.

And now an increasing number of Corporates are encouraging employees to take a 20-minute nap at work place. And if you find this surprising, read further… In a bid to sustain employees and encourage quality time, companies are now adopting cohesive ideas like issuing dating allowances, setting aside an hour to meet your spouse, celebrating no-footwear days apart from setting aside time for social service and of course indulging in games and Yoga.

Says Shruti Patel, an HR executive from a multinational, "We have our employees take a nap of 20 minutes everyday, as we believe that the performance will only improve if the employees are properly rested and happy at heart. And were not the only ones, a number of companies even abroad have set up designated nap rooms, complete with reclining chairs, blankets, alarm clocks, even piped-in classical music, for their employees."

Sociologist Nitya Sasidharan feels that this practice is necessary especially because of the high stress and the early burnouts at workplaces. "This also sub-consciously increases a feeling of commitment to the company." And one would imagine that in todays egalitarian set-up at the workplace, a holistic work experience is what suits everybody! But apart from the obvious perks one gets when meeting ones loved one, what are the medical benefits to be had with reference to power naps? Says Dr Amit Mehra, "A nap will never be enough to take care of our sleep needs, but it is crucial to health. Napping is restorative, especially when a person is sleep-deprived, and that is common nowadays. The output of a sleep-deprived employee definitely suffers and is lesser in comparison of a well-rested employee." Moving from the practical to the arcane, there is an informal tradition at a music channel which has the birthday boy (or girl: though admittedly, the ladies dont really do it!) come to work sporting in a huge garland and distribute sweets to friends and colleagues. The catch is, the garland-wearer has to wear the same till the end of the work day, or till the flowers in the garland start to look decidedly wilted, whichever comes first. Rather florid!

Then there is the case of the creative ad agency type. Web designer Sunil Bahl, who works at an ad agency, says, "There used to be a recreation room in our old office. In that room was a pool table, a table tennis table and-this really takes the cake-a psychdelic coloured Herbie! We would head there for a game of pool and hang out by the Herbie and chat, gossip or just share a laugh." And while the car was not a working model, "the doors werent sealed shut, which meant you could sit inside it with a cup of coffee," continues Sunil. So from power naps to garlands whats certain is that office these clays have certainly become cooler places to be in!
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Posted on : 12/11/2005
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