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The Name Game
the name is the reflection of your personality. Does having a musical name responsible for success in the music industry?
Whats in a name Shakespeare had once famously remarked. But the great hard did not probably fathom how some names have an effect on peoples personalities and even professions! Our music fraternity itself is full of musicians whose names too take inspiration from the notes of music.

Singer Raageshwari recounts the story behind her name. "My father has been associated with music for many years and had won a National Award in music pie year I was born," she recalls. She says that her parents had not decided about giving her a name associated with music but it just so happened that they did. "My brother Rishabh was born six years before me and my parent realised in that many years that he cannot sing to save his life," she laughs, "My mother and father really wanted a girl and my father was probably hoping at least his next kid will have some musical genes in them." Raageshwari reflects on the significance of her name, "I think your name makes you the person you are. Deep down, there is a psychological effect." This phenomenon certainly stands true for Raageshwari, who started out as a model and went on to become a VJ and an actor and finally settled down to become a singer. Although my name means the Queen of Raagas, I still have to reach there," she laughs, adding that she loves and values her name.

For singer Sangeet Haldipur of the band Aasma, there could not have been a bigger co-incidence that his name and his profession were so intertwined. "Imagine if I had become a carpenter or a restaurant-owner with a name like that!" he laughs. On a more serious note, Sangeet recounts that his father has been into music for the past 40 years and music runs in his family. "My father wanted me to be musically inclined and thankfully, I did," says the young singer. Sangeet is happy with his unusual name and says that he has never thought of changing it. In singer Sadhna Sargams case, it was the opposite. "My family name is Ghanekar and I was known as Sadhna Ghanekar earlier." She says. The singer recalls that she was given a break by Kalyanji-Anandji and they suggested that she change her surname to Sargam. "The name worked for me and till date, I have been known as Sadhna Sargam," she says with a smile.

Surshree is the name that singers Roop Kumar Rathod and wife Sonali Rathod have given to their daughter. Were they hoping that she would take after her parents too? "I think every parent want their kid to follow in their profession and we were no different," says Roop. Their talented daughter sure lives up to her name. Surshree, or Rewa as her friends know her, is learning Carnatic vocals and is also learning to play the piano. "My first performance was at the age of six whereas hers was at the age of four," says the proud father. Obviously, the daughter seems to be two steps ahead! With a name like that, nothing less can be expected.
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Posted on : 12/11/2005
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