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Sense The Beauty Of Your Home
Involving all your five senses while decorating your homes can do wonders and make your home a reflection of your personality.
Man has been endowed with five senses and thats what makes him a sensual creature. Whether it his sense of touch, smell, sight, taste or audibility, indulging all the senses is a special feeling. The best part is that you can bring in the different experiences in your home by introducing different textures in your home. Wondering how you can do that? Well, this is how.

Firstly, notice the textures in your home-the soft crisp, freshly laundered cotton bed sheets on your bed; soft down pillows; rough terracotta floor that feels great to walk on, hard metal furniture; warm wooden chairs; glass tables, velvet cushions and velvet drapes, etc.

Another great way to use texture to your advantage is to use natural products at home. Honed stones such as granite, quartz, marble, are popular for countertops because they soften hard edges. In addition, they complement the woods often used in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Even in your kitchen, you can experiment with textures, by choosing more than one surface. Natural materials complement one another, therefore, you can use different materials for the countertops in your food preparation and serving areas, and yet another for your backsplash.

While choosing colors and textures for you kitchen and bathrooms, you can stick to warm colours that are soothing. For windows, you can use leaf-inspired rods and natural fabrics such as textured cotton and silk. These appeal to the eye, as well as the touch.

One of the best ways to experiment with textures is to experiment with glazes and highlights. These techniques are often applied to accent a difference in textures. You can draw light into your home through tubular skylights, or simulate natural light by using full-spectrum bulbs to illuminate details and colours, even at night. The best part about experimenting with textures is that you dont have to spend a bomb to do it.

For starters, gather a potluck of small stones from lakeshores, riverbeds, or the surrounding neighborhood. Then, stir them together in a glass bowl. Add water to bring out their colors and textures. For a dry, sculptural arrangement, stack pebbles in various sizes, shapes, and colors on a broad, flat stone. Some everyday items, such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and bookends, are available in carved stone. Check out stationery and craft stores for stone products similar to this bowl. Many of the items even have dual uses, such as votive candleholders that work as flower vases. You can add texture to your floors as well by using wooden flooring, which gives a clean and yet homely feel due to its warmth. Colourful rugs can help to minimise the inevitable bare feeling that comes with wooden floors. Sisal, jute and their derivatives create a natural feel but do bear in mind that they lack the degree of comfort that woollen carpet gives and requires more maintenance as well.

Furnishings also give ample scope to play with textures. Luscious silk, thick velvet, a flimsy voile, a coarse linen-these are all fabulous fabrics to experiment with. You can even mix and match by obtaining swatches of all these fabrics prior to purchase and team them together to make sure you like the overall effect.

It you stick to just one type of fabric, you will miss out on the individuality that comes with using different textures.
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Posted on : 15/11/2005
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