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Give A New Look To Your Home
Are you tired of the same old look of your house? then this weekend try making a difference. All you need to do is wear your creativity cap and devote a little time.
If you have a tired looking dining chairs or desk chairs, its no trouble at all to put a new cover on it. For a special touch-up, carefully clean the chair frame. If there are scratches on the wood, lightly wipe the wood with furniture touch-up, polish or stain. Or touch it up with a bit of paint. Let it dry for a few minutes, then carefully buff it off. Be careful not to get stain on the fabric.

Carefully fold the edges of the fabric onto the underside of the chair pad and staple it down. Do not cover the screw holes!

Add pillows to a chair or sofa
A boring sofa or chair can really come alive with a splash of color or pattern that a pillow (or a few) can add. Look around the room to see what it needs. Is it colour? Or a bold pattern? Or a subtle pattern? Or some colorful trim? Visit a nearby upholstery store. Most discount department stores have a wide assortment of decorative items. Find a pair of pillows that will add WOW to your room. Then look for two un-matched pillows with same colors, but different pattern. Look for pillows with tassels, fringe, or beads or maybe made of an interesting plush fabric. Remember, these pillows are going to be an accent to your room. Think wild! Place the new pillows on the furniture. Try different combinations until you hit the jackpot. Youll see an instant change in the look of your room.

Paint one wall
You can paint any wall, but think about what youre trying to accomplish. You could create a backdrop for your bed by painting the wall behind it a different colour. Whatever you paint will be the focus of the room. Choose wisely, as thats where the eye will be drawn. This is a place where you can be bold. Since you wont be using a lot of the colour, dont be afraid to choose a colour youd not choose for a whole room. Make sure the colour blends and harmonizes with the other things in the room. You may also go in for theme based painting, though it needs expertise, you can get professionals to do it for you.

Clean up an old piece of furniture
If you have a sad, worn dresser or shelf, paint it a fresh colour for your room. It will look new, and you wont have to spend a lot of money.

Remove the handles and pulls
Lightly sand down the wood, smoothing out snags or bumps. Wipe off the sanding dust carefully with a damp rag. Dry with a clean, dry rag. Paint the piece, starting with the frame, ending with the shelves or drawer fronts. Let the piece dry for several days. Think about painting the back of a shelving unit a contrast color from the shelves and frame. Books and objects will stand out with a contrasting background. Replace the shelves, drawers, and pulls. Replace dull knobs with new motifs or fresh colors.

Trim up a lamp or lamp shade
Give a boring lamp, a fresh, up-to-date look with trims coordinated to your decor. Using a stick-on tube, carefully attach braid, ribbon, fringe, beaded cording, or bias tape to the top and bottom edges of a lampshade. If the base of your lamp looks tired, remove the shade and cords. In a protected area, spray paint the base. Use either a color coordinated to your room or theme, or choose a metallic spray finish in copper, brass, or brushed steel. Reattach the cord and replace the shade. Try wrapping the base of your lamp in ribbon or cording. Do just the base, or go all the way up. This will give a totally new look with little work. Rearrange the books or decorations on a shelf. Remove everything from the shelf and clean it off. Look around the house for themed or color-coordinated items. Remove all the books and items from a bookshelf and clean off.

Clear out a cupboard or closet
Take everything out of a cupboard, or do one shelf or area at a time. Organize items by color, style, or use- cooking, tableware, decorative pieces. Decide what items that have been hidden away might find a place out in the open. Discard things that you know you wont use again. Collect them for a charity.

Replace things on a shelf according to their use. Resist the temptation to keep anything you havent used for over two years, except for sentimental items. Remove items from a closet that you havent used for a while or that no longer fit. Clean off the closet poles and shelves. Replace the items, grouped by garment type-pants, T-shirts and shirts, dresses, sarees, jackets, woolens, etc.
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Posted on : 15/11/2005
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