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Illuminate Your Home
Proper lighting can modify the atmosphere of an environment. Different lampshades can bring out different moods and can create those perfect feelings.
There are three types of lighting (according to the purpose of the light). How big is each room, which areas require more light (during night and day), should you fix soft lights or tubes, overhead lamps or table lamps? All your answers could be answered by making notes of each room.

Basically there are three categories of lighting:
Ambient, or overall room lighting
Task, for illuminating specific work areas
Art, for highlighting certain objects.

Overall Lighting
An evenly lit room tends to wash out colour and a persons complexion, so dont use several lamps and sources of lighting in an area. Warm spots lighting are more inviting, comfortable and secure.

Lamp Styles
There are innumerable shapes, styles and sizes of lamps. Some of the most common varieties are:

A heavy, Southwestern-style table lamp with a large, natural-colour shade provides ideal ambient lighting. The stock finial (ornamental topping of lamp) can be replaced with a decorator style that better reflects the overall look of the room, as can the finials of most lamps. Metal shades are also quite popular on contemporary lamps.

A pair of candlestick lamps looks good on a mantel, a sideboard or a chest. The shades can be easily changed to alter the look of the lamps or to reflect the changing seasons.

These lamps, which are also known as vanity lamps, are generally more delicate and feminine looking than other styles. They are often made of materials such as crystal. If a boudoir lamp proves to be too short for the space in which its placed, place it on a stack of books or a piece of marble to bring it unto a more pleasing level.

This type of lamp features painted designs such as flowers and can include a wooden base for added interest. Beautiful decorative objects in themselves, these lamps can be used not only for lighting but also as part of a display of collectibles. Brass-Paired with an interesting or unusual shade, these traditional and sturdy lamps always bring a cozy but business-like feel to a home office or den. These are very popular in business rooms of star hotels. Torchiere -Dramatic lighting can be achieved with a Torchiere, or floor lamp, which provides lighting directed up toward the ceiling rather than down. These are very popular in contemporary homes, as they are not too decorative. Wall-This category includes swing-arm models that can add light where its needed most.

Lampshade tips
To determine the size of the shade required by a given lamp, keep these points in mind: the shade should cover the socket part of the lamp, generally be in good proportion to the rest of the lamp and reach below the eye level of a person seated near it. Also, white lampshades illuminate more, but they can be harsh; off-white is a gentler colour choice.
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Posted on : 15/11/2005
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