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Deal With Stress
Taking office at home, be it physically or mentally, can lead to serious health hazards. Learn to get rid of workplace stress and enjoy life to its fullest.
Workplace stress is a common phenomenon. Even if you've found the perfect career and love your job, it plays a significant role in your mental health. Workplace stress causes about 1 million US employees to miss work each day, according to a report by American Institute of Stress.

Like any form of feeling pressured, workplace stress can be short term or long term, depending on the immediacy of the problem. Some telltale signs of stress include irritability, depression, appetite loss, low motivation and insomnia.

While the pressures of a job are often inescapable, there are a few things a person can do to ease workplace stress.

Take a mental time out and practice relaxation techniques such as controlling your breath and relaxing your muscles.

Simplify your work routine. Reduce some activities or delegate tasks to a co-worker.

Don't try to tackle more than one work problem at a time. And when the time comes for the workday to end, leave the job at the office.

Keep a stress journal. List and keep track of the things that bother you. Address important issues and tasks.

Maintain a positive outlook and use laughter to alleviate tension.

Exercise. Go for a long walk after work or hit a gym. This helps the mind refocus on an activity other than paperwork or operating a forklift.
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Posted on : 23/11/2005
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