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Heart to Heart Talk
The name of a by-pass surgery can give goose bumps to a normal man, but the confidence of cardiovascular surgeon, dr. Omi jaiswal, shows that for him performing a by pass surgery is as simple as vaccinating someone.
The very mention of a by-pass surgery is enough to make most of us skip a beat, literally but there are those like cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Omi Jaiswal, who can wax eloquent about it. Dr. Jaiswal recently conducted a successful high-risk beating heart surgery on 39-year-old patient Shankar Narayan at the Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. Beating heart surgery is a relatively novel phenomenon in the world of medicine where the doctor operates on a beating heart using instruments to stabilize the area of the heart that he is operating on.

Traditional heart surgery requires the heart-lung machine to stop your heart during the procedure. Dr. Jaiswal, has to his credit, almost 1000 such surgeries. 'The advantages are: fast recovery, reduced costs because you do not need as many US disposable products and no blood transfusion. "For the last two years, I haven't administered any blood transfusion to my patients." says the doctor. "In this surgery, the patient's heart function was weak, only seven per cent (the average heart function is 55-75 per cent) and he had been asked to go for a transplant. I took over the case and suggested this surgery. He agreed even knowing the risk. Now Narayan is back to his usual self," says the doctor, adding that the oldest patient he has operated on at 82 is now going on 90. The doctor now hopes to replace half the heart of another patient.
Posted on : 24/11/2005
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