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Who Wants to get Married
Today;s women is independent and is ready to enjoy her freedom even at the cost of marriage and children.
One woman lives in California's San Fernando Valley and the other in Australia. But they have a lot in common. Along with women through out the industrialised world, they are childless by choice. "My mother had 11 children," says the California woman. "I made the decision not to have any. 2It's good because I have total freedom."

The Australian said she valued her "freedom" but worries "if I will feel alone when I am old." These women are not unique. While most women worldwide still value motherhood, there are significant trends indicating that some societies are not replacing themselves. Greece, Italy and Spain, for example, have birthrates of 1.1 to 1.3 children per adult woman, according to Population Action International.

"It is a trend among educated women," David Popenoe, codirector of the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University, says. He cites two reasons for the declining birthrate. Children are no longer an economic asset-to work on the farm, for example. "And today women have other opportunities. There's just not the pressure to have children as there once was."

Naturally, this is not good for the family or for society, he argues. "In fact, a child-centered society is usually a more moral society, because children put things in perspective," Popenoe says. About 20 per cent of American women are childless, according to the U.S. Census. The survey doesn't ask how many are childless by choice or by life happenings, including the trend to marry later and put off childbearing until the 40s, a not-always-successful option.

"I put off marrying until I was over 40," the woman at the Texas Governor's Conference for Women said. "When I got married, I thought about children. My husband already had children from an earlier marriage, so having a child with me wasn't that important. And I decided I was really centered on my career now. Instead of spending all those dollars for fertilization treatments, we decided to take a cruise."

Popenoe argues it does not bode well for marriage, and marriage is the centerpiece of a strong society. In fact, even among women who want to have children, marriage is no longer a necessity. "Higher-birthrate nations report that most births are out of wedlock," he says. "There is no doubt that marriage is weakening in the industrialized nations." Then he delivers the punch line: "Many educated women are saying they would rather have a child than a marriage. In other words, they take the kid but they don't want the man."

But slow down. There's no need for despair. Most women educated or not, want to marry and have a family. We're a lone way from zero population growth. The Texas conference speaker put it in perspective: "We shouldn't have children if we don't want children. We wouldn't be good mothers. That takes nothing away from the millions of women who long for kids and will raise them up right. I love kids. I just don't want to live with them."
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Posted on : 24/11/2005
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