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Be A Winner
Analyse and know what you want and come out as a winner in life.
To move ahead in life, one needs to enjoy what one does, and set goals to make the journey smooth. How do you find a career that will bring you joy and satisfaction and make you a winner? To do this, ask yourself the following questions-

Your needs
Formulate a plan about what you want from life and then visualise yourself proceeding along the chosen path. What are the hurdles that you may face, and how do you overcome these roadblocks? Once you do this, you create a solid base for yourself to move on to the next step.

Your options
Have you come across some-thing you wanted to do but are unsure about how to go about it? If you have homed in on more than one career choice, the first step is to be informed about all the options. Begin with a proper research, browse the Internet, wade through various books on the subject and talk to people in the field.

Your game plan
Now that you have zeroed in on what you want, it is time to act! Once you have explored all the options, it is time to go after what you want!

Work it out
Keep the momentum in pace, no matter what the hurdles are. Set and revise your daily weekly and monthly goals. Strive to meet them. Persistence will help you achieve your goal.

Reach the goal
Pat yourself for all the hard work you have put in, which has now borne fruit. You are rightly proud of your accomplishments, which have brought you where you wanted to be.

The three steps
What do you want? For instance, do you want to switch careers, want a promotion or enhance your attitude?
When will you be able to achieve this? Will it take six months or one year from now? Be specific.
How will you get there? Cull whatever information you've gathered from your exploratory process and put them onto the calendar. You have already found out what you need to do. Now, it's time to make your dreams come true.
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Posted on : 28/11/2005
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