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Exercise At Home
Try this exercise to relax after a busy day slaving at home.
So what if you don't have to go out to work. Working at home can be as physically and mentally taxing. Yoga can help keep your body and mind balanced throughout the day.

For starters, warm up the body with the Sunflowers pose, suggests Heidi Valenzuela of Yoga, Overland Park, Kansas.

Stand with your legs wider than your hips, toes pointed slightly to the sides. With your back straight, take a deep breath and slowly raise your arms in a V above your head. As you exhale, hinge forward at the waist, bend your knees and slowly lower your arms straight out to the side and then down to the ground. Your arms should cross slightly as they sweep above the ground. Inhale as you slowly straighten at the waist and raise your arms back to the V position. Repeat 10 times.

Don't forget to breathe!
Here's a coping strategy: Write the word "breathe" in large letters on a piece of paper and stick it to the refrigerator with a magnet. When you feel yourself edging toward hysteria, stop and get a grip with the help of deep breathing, as demonstrated by Valenzuela.

With lips sealed and eyes closed, breathe deeply through your nose. Let your belly expand as you inhale, and let it return toward the spine as you exhale. Try to release with your breath any tension and stress you are feeling. Let go of any expectations you have for the "perfect" Thanks giving and resolve to enjoy the day as it is. Repeat for three to five minutes.

Exercise alleviates hand cramps
Even peeling and slicing potatoes can take its toll. Your hands and wrist start to ache, take a break and gently rotate you wrists in each direction, allowing shoulders to rest as you move, advises Valenzuela. Or try the following pose.

Clench hands into fists. Spread fingers wide like starfish. Repeat 10 times, or more if needed.

Do the twist
Once the hard work is over, it's time to relax and unwind. A large glass of wine will help with this, as will the Twist, a move that dispel lingering tension in the spine. The pose also gently massages the internal organs, which should aid digestion and improve circulation, says Valenzuela.

Sit on the edge of a straight-back chair with both feet flat on the floor. Put your right hand on the outside of left knee and your left hand on the chair seat behind your left hip. Lengthen from the waist as you inhale, then gently twist to look over your left shoulder as you exhale. Hold the twist for five breaths, unwind and repeat on the other side. For a fuller twist, let your belly twist first, followed by your rib cage, shoulders and head.

Wait at least two hours after eating before performing any yoga pose. Pregnant women should twist on their upper chest and shoulder. People with a back or spine injury should practice under the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher.
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Posted on : 28/11/2005
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