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Thin Is In, Fat Is Out
Bollywood actors are working out day and night to get the perfect body.
They are all sweating it out. And those who aren't will have to hit the treadmill soon or suffer oblivion. In Bollywood, thin is in and actresses have little choice but comply. Not convinced? OK, here's your checklist-Esha Deol in Dhoom, Bipasha Basu in Barsaat, Preity Zinta in Salaam Namaste and most recently Kajol's kid sister Tanisha in Yash Raj's latest flick Neil 'n' Nikki. Preity Zinta will also be pulling off another swanky look in her next flick Jaaneman. And guess what? The buzz is that even the oh-so-perfect Aishwarya Rai will be seen sporting a bikini showing off her newly perfected (there is always scope for improvement) svelte form in Dhoom 2.

Doing it right:
Says Arjun Sablok, director of Neil 'n' Nikki: "We shot the entire film in two months, and Tanisha was made to live, eat, talk and sleep like Nikki." He further adds, "In this role of a girl based in Canada, it was very important for Tanisha to be wearing the kind of clothes and sporting the style a girl in Canada would. But for that it was absolutely necessary that she felt comfortable with herself first." In plain speak that translates to: we wanted to show some skin, and it was important for her to look hot.

International appeal:
It is perhaps no mere coincidence that the 'in' look is also very global. Pastel shades, naughty cuts, tousled locks et al. Observes fashion designer Surily Goel, "Time was when there was a certain stigma attached to 'filmi fashion'. Those days are history. Now, not only is filmi fashion more realistic, it is also a trendsetter." And filmy fashion includes mini skirts, shorts, low-rise jeans and teenie T-shirts that show taut, flat abs.

Agony to ecstasy:
Tanisha, who was in Delhi recently for the Coca Cola contest, says of her role in Neil 'n' Nikki, "Though I have been working out regularly for the last three years, for this film I followed an even more strict routine." Says Mickey Mehta, the holistic health and spiritual therapist, who transformed Preity Zinta from flab to fab in 45 days, " She was on a 95 per cent vegetarian diet. of that 50 per cent would be raw food, and the rest would constitute vegetable soups and fresh fruits. Then there was the daily hour and a half long work out session."

The pull factor:
The lean-meal look is a good way of roping in audiences. Says trade analyst Taran Adarsh, "A pretty figure is a major attraction. These days movies are not just about acting but over all screen presence."

Flab to fab:
Talking about screen presence even the very popular Kajol is walking the slim path. In fact, she was quoted as saying "There was a time when becoming slim was more crucial that getting good roles. Now it feels great to have achieved it." The bottom line as Mehta puts it, "There's a lot of competition in the industry. It's better to shape up than shape out."
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Posted on : 28/11/2005
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