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Your Bathroom Needs Attention
Make your bathroom a warm place by adding depth to it.
A bathroom is a real room, not just an anteroom to a bedroom. The best bathrooms are those where you find touches of furniture and decorative accessories like lithographs and statues (the tribal monkey we have used), making you feel like you are in an elegant living room.

A straight-lined and minimalist bathroom can seem cold if one does not incorporate accessories effectively. For example, for storage, one should use more textured materials like copper, stone and banana leaves rather than sleek stainless steel and glass. However, touches of steel, through bathroom fixtures, and glass, on the bathroom door, are recommended because it is this interplay of textures that gives the room a unique and eclectic look.

For the smaller items like the soaps, towels, shampoos etc, we have stayed away from the perfectly matched bathroom set, opting instead for Nepalese copper and sandstone bowls. Experiment with things that are typical for storage. For example, an option to the flat towel tray could be a Burmese lacquer bowl or a Brass urli. Similarly one could opt for shells instead of the more conventional soap dish.

Lighting should be as versatile as possible. The activities of shaving, applying make-up, bathing, require good task lighting. So plan in advance where you will be doing each one of these things. Once you have the task lighting in place, think about ambient lighting, preferably controlled by dimmers, so you can alter the mood in sync with your own feelings. We have given the bathroom a sepia moody glow to accentuate the various textures and bring out their natural grains.

Use nature as a muse and incorporate elements like potted plants, flowers and even different kinds of shells. It is these kinds of elements that give the space an organic softness.
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Posted on : 30/11/2005
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