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Higher Studies To Achieve Higher Goals
today everyone is opting for a masters and a phd degree. Is to enhance one;s career options or just to follow the latest trend?
In a latest survey conducted by the World MBA Tour, HR directors were asked an interesting question. Which aspect of a job applicant-holding an MBA degree-is most important to you: Quality of the school where the degree was awarded; specialisation; motivation shown to have achieved the MBA or applicant's personal attributes regardless of the MBA.

58 per cent directors rated personal attributes as most important, while 34 per cent chose motivation. Quality of the school and specialisation, surprisingly, rated lowest. Essentially, HR personnel were looking for top-level staff to fit their own criteria for doing a good job the qualification itself being secondary.

This is important if you are considering postgraduate study to improve your job prospects. However, as many as half the candidates, in a survey of reasons for studying a Masters or PhD, put personal satisfaction ahead of career advancement. The best students are those who have identified what they want to study and how it can help them advanced their career.

Pursuing an MBA is not the only choice. For every MBA there are ten specialist Masters programmes in business subjects-and usually at a cheaper price. Marketing, management, accounting, business economics and more can be studied as an MA or MSc. They lead you down a more specialist route that can be in demand from employers.

So what about salary and employability for postgraduates? Beware the myth that an MBA-or any postgrad degree, for that matter-is a passport to a triple-digit dollar salary in the job of your choice. Yes, MBA salaries are generally high, but this often reflects the already high achievement of a talented and motivated employee who has raised his or her game yet further by adding a good MBA to an impressive academic and employment track-rocord.

From a career perspective, it's important to take a view of a Masters or PhD course, combined with that of your further employability, before embarking on the-now very fashionable-postgraduate route.
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Posted on : 3/12/2005
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