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Make Your Gift Even More Special
it is christmas time, a time to celebrate and share gifts. So improve your wrapping skills to gift-wrap the gifts you want to share with loved ones.
There's no shame in wanting your present to outshine all the others under the tree. Here are some tips on succeeding in your one-upping mission:

Follow the runway:
Gift-wrap trends often follow fashion trends. So this year, look out for wrapping paper in deep purples and glittery gold; rich textures; fun, mod dots; and sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles.

At the starting gate:
Before you even ponder this daunting project we recommend confining the gift-wrapping chaos to one area of the house-the family room or the dining room.

Clutter, be gone:
Once you've found a spot for Gift Wrap Central, take inventory of stuff-clothing, papers, knick-knacks-and either throw them away or give them away. This will help you free up valuable floor, drawer and closet space. Plus, keep in mind you'll be bringing in new stuff during the holiday outpouring.

Clean cuts:
Working on a table will ensure crisp, clean corners on your packages and discourage unexpected tears in the paper.

Keep it together:
Pick up an all-purpose organizer to hold your supplies (e.g. paper, ribbons, scissors, tags, tape and marker). Keep the box in one place. Make sure it doesn't budge. You don't want essential tools wandering into the kids' play areas, where things will possibly get misplaced or trashed.

What goes where?:
When it comes to designs on wrapping paper, size does matter. The pattern should be in proportion to the box. A smaller pattern looks better on a smaller box and a large, bold pattern is preferable for a larger one. It just makes for better presentation.

Custom made:
Keep in mind the recipient when choosing paper and coordinating ribbon. Like if he's a Tiger Woods fanatic, check out a golf-club pattern. Wraps that reflects their interests and personalities add a special touch of thoughtfulness."

Sticky fingers:
Go for double-sided tapes. Shaver says, "It really makes for the most clean, professional presentation. You may want to use a Scotch tape dispenser too.

Finishing touches:
Don't forget to put on the accessories-tags, tie-ons, bows and embellishments.

Happy holidays:
Remember even if it's 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve and your fingers feel like you've played the longest piano concert in history keep your smile on. Just remember, gift-wrapping should be a fun experience, not a laborious one. Our suggestion: How about stationing a CD or cassette player in the room with a selection of holiday tunes. And, if all that fails, just think about all the pretty presents you're going to get.
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Posted on : 5/12/2005
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