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Give A New Makeover To Your Home
A few tips that will help you change the look of your home.
Dull, tired and monotonous, if these are the adjectives used to describe your living room, it's high time to change its interior landscape. First, step back and take stock of your living room and pen down your ideas on what you think your living room should look like. The next step is to check out these ideas on the feasibility and the costing.

Colour codes
Go to your nearest hard-store and set as many shade cards as possible of different companies to decide the basic colour palette of your room. Remember even an off-white colour has various shades for each company has its own colour code. You can use a darker colour on one wall to break the monotony of the room. To have an exclusive colour and lend a personal touch, you can mix two colours to form a third with the help of your painter.

Play around with textures for that unique look. Give a different texture to darker wall. You can go for the classic Walnut, chocolate polish effect or alternatively go in for the distressed antique polish effect. The choice is yours. Try to experiment and match different colours of the walls with different polish textures. Remember to choose a colour palette that would not clash with the rest of the house.

To go in for a minimalist look, you could have a low sitting arrangement (the diwan). You could opt for wood here-for good and cheap wood check out shops at Reay Road. Do take your carpenter since he will know exactly what to look for. Remember you can bargain here. Instead of a wooden base for the lower sitting you can get the base made with ceramic tiles which start at around Rs. 35 per sq ft. Adipa Tiles make customized tiles as per your needs and requirements, while terracotta tiles start at Rs.15 per sq ft.

For the dining table, you can get a table made from your local carpenter and for the chairs you can either get simple rectangular wooden stools made or visit the various antique shops of Chor Bazaar. The chairs are priced at around Rs. 2,500 per piece. Don't worry if the chairs are unpolished or a little damaged.

A chest or two can be used for your centre table with storage as well as in your bedroom.

Try to make low seating in the hall. This is not only cost-effective but also saves space. You can give a different look to the decor by merely changing the cushion covers.

Stone effects
You could opt for natural stones like the Cuddapah, which is sourced from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is available in shades of gray. The price starts from Rs. 30 per sq ft. You can jazz it up with bits of marble inserts or borders of marble.

The other natural stone is Bethamcheria from Andhra Pradesh and is available in colours of jade green, ash, old rose and camel bone. Its only limitation is that it is available in small sizes. The price begins from Rs. 35 per sq ft.

Light up
The right lighting can make or break a room. Use spot lighting. They are small in size and don't look bulky.
You can also use paper lamps in one corner to add colour to the room.

Window dressing
Use curtain blinds instead of curtains, which are easily available at furnishing stores. You also have the option of using Rattan or Bamboo chicks. If you prefer curtains, use two different layers of fabric on one window-the basic layer being net and the second layer of curtain being cotton.

The right accessories can make or break a living space. The golden rule is do not clutter. Make a few things the focal point. Try and buy things, which are aesthetically beautiful as well as, useful.

Do not buy all the accessories for your home at one time. Browse and buy, as it will give you a variety to choose from and which you can use alternately to change the look. Keep different colours and sizes of candles at home, which you can mix and match during occasions. For the walls, adorn your walls with lovely paintings. Try to put in paintings of different sizes but of the same theme on one wall, which is the focal point in the room.
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Posted on : 5/12/2005
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