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The Ideal Place to Sleep
People today are giving a lot of importance to bedrooms when it comes to decorating the house.
Girish Bhosle, marketing professional, recently moved into a new home. One thing on which both he and his wife agreed was not to clutter their bedroom with too many things. He adds "We were not looking at too much furniture either. Just a European style bed and a wardrobe. TV is a big no in our bedroom. A music system to play some jazz and that's it, our way of relaxing in our bedroom!" So finally the bedroom is coming of age as a room in itself with its own soul and character. Bedroom the one room in the home where you can solace, peace and the much-needed privacy from the outside world. It is probably the most owned room by the people living in the house. And people are going to reat lengths and expenses to give this room a personality of its own.

Taking their cues from the fashion runways of Paris and New York, bedrooms everywhere seem to be going pastel. Interior designers have turned all eyes toward an upbeat palette of pale pink and lavender, soothing green, billowy sky blue, and buttery yellow. Fashion's coolest colors are finding their way onto everything from walls and window treatments to paint and luxurious bed linens. People are striving to create their own personal haven by washing a room in color from floor to ceiling, incorporating details like a softly hued pillow or print, or simply covering a dresser with a bit of pale fabric.

Along with the colour, there are new trends doing the rounds in donning up this most private room of the house. These trends vary in style depending on the owner's tastes-traditional and romantic or contemporary and modern. It is not necessary to have a lot of money or space to do some effective decorating, while still keeping up with the latest trends and styles-but what you definitely would need is oodles of good taste and openness to experimentation. According to Sandeep Tara of Hurtado, a retail outlet which houses exquisite furniture and accessories, " One of the very popular trends in interior designing of a bedroom, is to accessories effectively with complementing lamps,decorative items and personal collectibles which add a personal touch and warmth."

A major trend in the bed-room decoration is doing the bed headboards. For optimum space utilisation and also to give a sleek effect, people are opting to have just a headboard and not a footboard to minimize the space taken up by the bed it-self. People are also moving away from traditional head-boards in an effort to achieve a romantic style to their room.

For example, Krieger's store in USA, says an international trend specialist, is French inspired and what she describes as somewhat "over the top," with luxurious accessories like beaded and feathered lampshades and pillows, chandeliers and antique vanities crowding the cozy store. People have been using unexpected materials to make a head board like making use of vintage fabrics to make their bedrooms more luxurious, maybe by draping fabric over the headboard, or using them on the top of a loosely fitted canopy bed.

Platform beds
Another trend in bedroom decor in the contemporary style is the platform bed. A trend, which has come from Europe and has now been accepted in Indian shores as well, the common thread being that most of the buildings in Europe are older and tend to have smaller bedrooms- like many homes in Mumbai too, the style bed is extremely popular because it takes up less space.

Platform beds are unique, because there is no footboard and the bed lower. To add some luxury element to it, the platform-style bed can be upholstered with rich material making it look more contemporary also. The upholstered look for beds is a definite diversion from the traditional style of bedding with sheets and covers.

Another trend is the reworking of furniture materials. specifically wood, metal and fabric for a contemporary look. For bedrooms the use of bent metal and stained wood for a head-boards, dressers and amours are very popular modern styles. Khyati Parekh and her sister, while doing their bedroom recently, were very particular about the selection of the furniture type and the linen being in sync with shade of wall paint (eg-light colored furniture to go with pastel pink walls) The reworking of fabric has had a lot of emphasis on texture. For example the use of velvet adds a very warm feeling, while also adding lots of texture. The use of rugs, even on carpet, will also add texture to the room. So it's not uncommon to find a Shyam Ahuja carpet in bright colors finding the pride of place along-side a wrought iron bed and some cool and cream-colored velvet throws.

The traditional Japanese bedroom interiors are sized according to a 3'x6' human form, represented by natural fiber floor coverings called tatami mats. Raw materials like bamboo and colors taken from nature are used to create a serene, calm environment. Furnishings characteristic of the look are shoji screens and rice-paper lanterns, which are popularly used in the bed-room.

Chinese interiors are identifiable through highly stylised furnishings featuring hand painted designs on lacquered finishes, brightly coloured accessories and ornaments or statues of animals or mythical creatures. Red is used abundantly as a symbol of good luck in the bedroom interior.

British colonial
This style represents a combination of pared-down Victorian elegance with Caribbean tropical and animal motifs. Furniture usually consists of mahogany dark walnut or teak combined with wicker, cane and leather insets. People also go in for four-poster Victorian beds.

This comprises a wide range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century-pieces featured have softened and rounded lines, as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design.

Interiors contain neutral elements and. bold color and focus on the basics of line, shape and form room. Fine finish and good polish are as essential as the crafting itself to enhance the looks of the bed.
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Posted on : 7/12/2005
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