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Don;t Take Your Boss Seriously!
Criticism is a good way to improve yourself especially when it comes from your senior. But see to it that you take it in a positive way and not in a negative way.
What a piece of crap!" Vinit's boss admonished his new project, tossing the file back at him. Enough for him to lose all interest in work for the rest of the day. Files piled up at his desk, begging for attention, as the reprimand kept resonating in his ears.

Most of us often find our selves in a similar situation. Criticism of any sort from the boss seems good enough to ruin the day. We find it difficult to concentrate on any task and thus, make things more difficult.

Take it easy
The worst part of the conflict is that you don't want others to know what has transpired between you and the boss in his cubicle. So what is the best way to deal with it?

"A self talk immediately after you've been criticised is really important to overcome all these negative thoughts," explains Brinda Jaisingh, consultant psychologist. Assess what happened, why it happened and were you really at fault. Brinda says chances of irrational behaviour increase at such moments, which blow up the issue out of proportion. While it is natural to feel low, don't take it too hard on yourself.

Think and act logically
If you feel that the project really lacks something, figure out ways to better it, instead of pondering over the dressing down. If the morning madness was just another of his mood swings and there was nothing wrong with your work, it's time to forget it as just another bad day There's nothing much you can do.

Feel confident
People with low self-esteem often take critical comments very seriously. They start recollecting past such instances, making the problem worse.

Agrees Laxman Khanna, a marketing professional, "I get so tensed when one thing goes wrong or when I get chided by my boss that I start sweating. I make all kinds of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on such a day"

Building high self-esteem takes times, says Brinda. To begin with, stop thinking about criticism and remember every time you were applauded for your work or praised for your looks. Change the way you think about yourself and don't let others dampen your spirits, no matter what.

"People should accept you the way you are. If he/she really likes you then these things will not make any difference. And if it does, you know it's time to realise that there is nothing to worry about it," says Brinda. We agree.
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Posted on : 14/12/2005
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  • Don;t Take Your Boss Seriously!