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A Friend In Need Is A Friend You Don;t Need
Have you ever been deceived by a close friend of yours? do you think that your friends take you foe a ride? read on and find out.
Not all friends are the same. Some are good and some toxic. A harmful 'friend' is what is termed as 'toxic' and this can be one of life's hardest relationship tribulations to forgive and forget. Toxic friends often come back to haunt you for a long time.

A deeper into the subject reveals that there are various kinds of 'toxic friends'.

The user:
This person only makes friends as long as he/she can use them for some purpose or goal. He/she is there only to derive a vicious purpose and benefit from you. They use you and once their purpose is served they won't bother looking back at you.

The betrayer:
Trust is the base of any friendship and that is exactly what does not exit in this friendship. You trust them with your closest secrets and they stab you in the back.
Nothing can hurt you more than a friend who betrays you.

The control freak:
They have to be the one in control of you and expect you to follow everything you say. At some subconscious level they presume that without their 'help and guidance' you won't be able to survive. They presume that you will not be able to take any decisions and end up taking complete charge of your life.

The judge:
Ever critical, this friend can erode your self-esteem. These friends get on your nerves as they Cross the line of being a friend and become more of a 'granny' and find fault with everything you do.

The promise breaker:
This person rarely does what he/she says will do. If you have a date, your toxic friend is often a no-show. This is a kind of friend on whom you can never depend or rely upon.

The gossip monger:
Every one enjoys gossiping, but these ones addicted to gossip should always be kept at a distance. You never know when and what you share with them becomes the spicy gossip served to others next.

The self-centered person:
These people are always so busy thinking about themselves that they will rarely be there for you.

The competitor:
The feeling of being 'one up' is strongly imbibed in them and they compete with you in petty little things.

The leaner:
The needy friend who clings on to you all the time. They want to be with you all the time and can't bear the thought of you being with someone else. These 'friends' end up suffocating you with their 'friendship'.

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Posted on : 14/12/2005
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  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend You Don;t Need