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Fresh Fruits and Vegatables Keep Your Health Stable
The human body has the power to heal itself and fight various diseases. Eating the right food can enhance this property of the body and enable it to be its own doctor.
According to the science of yoga, human body has two mechanisms, one which nourishes the body and other which cleanses the body by eliminating the remaining refuse. Nature has made our body such a perfect machine which automatically decides which chemicals are needed to digest the food we eat and the glands produce such juices (enzymes) needed to digest the food we eat.
Due to various reasons, when some part of the body becomes unhealthy, certain procedures are followed from with in our body to cure those affected parts and glands produce chemicals needed to cure them . However if we overload our body systems with excessive food intake, our life force is left with no time to pay attention to restoring health to the affected parts as the glands are busy producing enzymes to digest the food.

It is very important to eat the right type of food. A good quantity of food that is fresh like fruits, greens, salads etc. should be eaten. As the cooked food considerably reduces the nutritional value of the food, we must compensate it with the live food.

Asparagus is considered queen of all vegetables, delicately flavoured and exotic to serve. It is a gourmet's delight and is reputed to have strong aphrodisiacal properties.
It is rich in iodine, silicon and sulphur. Its protein, though in quantity equal to that in bambooshoots, broccoli, and brussel sprouts, has a good supply of histones, which are believed to control cell growth in the body. It has all three nutrients ie Vitamin C, carotene, and selenium, which provide a good defence against cancerous elements. Its fibre is mainly soluble which helps in lowering the blood pressure. Phosphorus that is found in asparagus helps in increasing brain power and is good for nervous debility and insomnia..
Asparagus should always be steamed and not boiled. In boiling more than two thirds of its salts are lost. This vegetable is best eaten in salad form.

The best way to stay healthy is to keep a check on what you eat. Avoiding heavy and fried foods can do half the task of staying healthy. The remaining can be done through proper exercise and a balanced diet. That's all you need to Stay Fit!
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Posted on : 19/12/2005
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  • Fresh Fruits and Vegatables Keep Your Health Stable