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A Smile Can Make You Live Longer
A positive attitude towards life increases your life as it improves health and is responsible for well being.
If you actually believe in the proverb, 'Every cloud has a silver lining' and live accordingly, you not only increase your chances of success, but also improve your health, as a study published in the latest issue of Mayo Clinic Women's Health Source has claimed that optimists live longer and lead healthier lives.

Researchers at Mayo clinic reviewed the records of people who completed the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in the early 1960s, and after 30 years found that those who stress on negative views, had an increased risk of death in comparison to glass half-full ones.

The more pessimistic the personality, the greater the risk. The study suggested, optimistic people had better health in all areas. However, even if you are not born with an affirmative outlook, you may learn to be so, and improve your health.

Some quick tips:

Stop negative self-talk. When you catch yourself thinking that you won't enjoy an event or do well on a project, stop the thought. Instead, identify the positives in the situation.

If you are irritated with your spouse or partner, think back to those qualities that you found so attractive when you fell in love. Keep those qualities in the forefront of your mind.

Find joy in your work. No matter what kind of job it is, find some aspect that's personally satisfying.

Surround yourself with positive, upbeat people.

Deal with situations that you can control, and try to accept those you can't.

Put things in perspective. Life may take you on difficult paths. Try to find the adventure. A bump in the road is only temporary.

Each day, write down three positive things that happened that day as well as speculations about why those good things happened.
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Posted on : 26/12/2005
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