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Fruits and Veggies For Better Memory
Regular eating of fruits and vegetables is good for the mind and the body.
Eating plenty vegetables not only makes you healthier but may also help keep your memory strong, says a study.

A team of researchers led by Heidi Wengreen at Utah State University tested the memory of over 5,000 seniors up to four times over an eight-year period. At the beginning, the participants also answered questions about their eating habits, the online edition of ABC News reported.

The group of seniors with the highest intake of fruits and vegetables, five or more servings a day, scored higher on the test than the rest of the participants. Moreover, those who nibbled on plenty of veggies and fruits were able to maintain their memory over time. "It appears that higher intake of fruits and vegetables may protect against memory loss in older adults," said Wengreen, "Eating more fruits and vegetables in your later years offers benefits to both body and mind." he said.

Earlier, the same research group also found that taking Vitamin E and C supplements daily also cuts the risk of Alzheimer's. The findings were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Prevention of Dementia.
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Posted on : 26/12/2005
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