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Foods Can Help Prevent Cancer
Cancer, a disease that was considered to be incurable can now be prevented by proper intake of food.
It is possible to prevent cancer. You can decide not to get it. Food has finally begun to get recognised as an important healing force. All that you need to do is acquire a new attitude towards your health.

Food in its natural form has tremendous healing properties. Every bite of a fruit or vegetables contains a rich stew of plant chemicals which can block, retard or suppress any carcinogen, lower cholesterol and boost your immunity for eg. strawberry and tomatoes have red pigment lycopene which deduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. There is evidence that betacarotene found in carrots, sweet potatoes, papaya and other yellow fruits and vegetables help shrink tumors. It reduces free radical activity ands steps up the enzyme activity to fight cancer. You can get adequate cancer fighting ammunitions by drinking at least two glasses of carrot and spinach juice everyday. It is one of the best vegetable juices against cancer.

Best vegetable juices against cancer
1) Carrot & Spinach juice
In order to make this juice take six large carrots, 10-12 leaves of raw spinach, rock salt and limejuice.

Wash and cut the carrots.
Push them through a juicer to extract juice. Keep aside.
Wash and chop the spinach leaves.
Blend them in a mixer with very little water.
Add this paste to the extracted carrot juice.
Add black salt and lime.
Drink within 20 minutes of extract.

2) Wheat Grass Juice
Part of the strengths of food against cancer comes from their effect on your immunity. Wheat grass juice has an abundant supply of chlorophyll and phytochemicals which help boost immunity and keeps the body in an alkaline state. It helps fight anemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver disorder and has been extensively used against cancer by naturopaths. Wheat Grass can be grown at home or you can purchase organically grown wheat grass from suppliers who deliver it at your doorstep.

How to grow wheat grass at home
Select seven shallow (4-5 inches deep) pots for growing wheat grass. Fill it with earth and manure.
Soak 100 gms of wheat in water for about 12 hrs. Then tie it in a wet cloth and let it sprout for another 12-14 hrs.
Now spread the sprouted wheat on the soil bed. Keep the grains close to each other and cover them with a thin layer of earth.
Sprinkle some water on it once a day.
Prepare only one pot per day. On the seventh day you will find that the wheat grass in the 1st pot has grown to approximate 5 inches.
Cut the grass when it is 5-6 inches tall. Do not allow it to grow beyond 7-8 inches as it affects nutrient density, softness of the leaves and taste.
You can extract its juice by chewing its leaves or by using a mixer. Blend 100 gms of wheat grass with water in a mixer. Strain and drink immediately. I strongly recommend wheat grass juice as something that can revolutionize your health.

Food to avoid
Your health depends not only on what you eat, but also on what you choose not to eat. Most cancers are a result of the things we do to ourselves. We love late nights, eat too much fatty foods, drink alcohol, gorge on sweets, smoke, overwork ourselves, sunbathe, eat chemicalized food, eat insufficient vegetables and get agitated over petty issues.

Just avoid these is in your hands and indeed you can do away with it.
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Posted on : 26/12/2005
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