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The Price of Looking Beautiful
Cosmetic surgeries can help you fix your body parts that you think are ugly and make you look beautiful and younger. But is it in accordance to the laws of nature? read on to find out the price one has to pay for altering nature.
A number of foreigners are coming to India for cosmetic surgeries. Nature is loosing its Priority over beauty. Heredity is losing its seat of prominence. Cosmetics surgeons are the angels for people who help you shape and get picture perfect looks. Earlier, getting a nose job was met with ridicule and it cost a packet. Cosmetic surgery is popular with masses allover the world.

Altering ones parts of a body is not a taboo but it has become a trend of modern times. Many foreigners are coming to India to avail the benefits of expert Indian Plastic surgeons at the most luring and desired prices. People today blindly have a lot of faith in the new advances in cosmetic surgery that the cosmeticians provide. Medical tourism in India is on the rise, and cosmetic surgery plays a significant role in this. A study shows that no of overseas patients coming to India is growing by 30% yearly. Dr Bhartendu Swain, plastic surgeon, says, "This change has happened over the last 30 years. Indian doctors constantly travelling to conferences and hospitals abroad have made it possible for people abroad to know that Indian doctors can do a good job. Moreover, in countries like the US, cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance making it an expensive deal for them."Liposuction can cost anywhere between $ 9,000and 12,000 in U.S but in India it amounts to only $ 3,000.

It's a misconception that only NRI's or people of Indian origin come here to get designer Looks. But the whole scenario is something else only. As the fact is according to Dr. Bhartendu where he says, "People from all over the world, irrespective of their nationality, are coming to India. Initially, most patients were from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Middle East, but now people are coming from the US, Canada and Europe."

Cosmetic surgery acccording to some may be that it may be that it is only the women who prefer cosmetic surgery but according to Dr Bhartendu, who says, "Thirty per cent of our clients are men." According to an established surgeon Dr Sudhakar Prasad, he informs that, "A large majority of men come for enlargement of breast, liposuction, hair transplant and nose jobs."

People desire to do away with ageing which is the case that has been converted from the obsessions from looks and one might expect the older and aged generation to visit cosmetic surgeons. Dr Bhartendu, however, explains, "Awareness regarding safety and benefits of plastic surgery has increased. So now, even youngsters come to us." But even doctors draw a line when it comes to treating teenagers. Says Dr Sudhakar Prasad, "As a rule we do not advise boys below the age of 17 and girls below the age of 16 to go in for any cosmetic surgery related treatment as these are their growing years."

The sole reason for the cosmetic surgery to rule the roost and maintain the status quo of a king is that the treatment is becoming affordable, desirable and economical. "In India quality treatment is available "as Dr Prasad, described ""Till some time ago, Thailand was the coveted destination for cosmetic treatment. But now India is slowly climbing up the ladder."
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Posted on : 29/12/2005
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