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Fight The After Effects of Late Night Parties
Do you often wish that it would have been a good option not to attend the late night party where you were drinking and eating as if there was no tomorrow. Now you need not worry any more because here are some tips that will help you get rid of the after effects of late night parties.
A party here. A party there. A party every-where! The result: You mixed drinks or drank more than usual. And you ate like there is no tomorrow. Now, all you want is to hit the sack. But how to prevent an aftermath? Simple. Just opt for these natural remedies before you go to sleep.

It's said that alcohol is an excellent preservative for many things... but not secrets! And let's include your body too. Alcohol dehydrates and leaches the body of potassium and causes a horrible hangover. So when you have guzzled barrels of beer or alcohol, this is what you should do before you sleep... just eat a few bananas! Surprised? Bananas (after avocados) are probably the most potassium-rich food available. One banana serving has about 450 mg of potassium and is also an excellent source of magnesium (it helps relax pounding blood vessels). That's not all... the fruit is also high on tryptophan, an amino acid that makes you sleepy. Vitamin C and is a natural antacid (it helps get rid of heartburns).
Also: Drink two glasses of water.

Did you know that the term bulimia is Latin and means 'ox hunger'? Yes! Research shows that bulimia first began in the Middle Ages. During celebrations, people used to stuff themselves with goodies and then induce vomiting! And guess for what... to eat more at the party, of course! Okay, we are sure that was not your motive when you ate and ate and ate (thanks to all those friends, aunts, cousins OR your greed). Now, you want to curl up and snore. But how to prevent mid-night acidity, morning indigestion or heartburn? Firstly, avoid taking painkillers before going to bed. Alcohol combined with pain relievers has been proven to cause stomach ulcers and discomfort. Drink lots of water and avoid milk or mint even though they might feel nice. Milk contains fats and proteins that cause your stomach to secrete more acid. And mints might relax the small valve between your oesophagus and stomach, whose purpose it is to actually keep acids at bay!
Also: Mix raw mustard seeds with yoghurt and gulp with water. Or you could boil some carom or Bishop's weed ('ajwain') seeds in water; add a pinch of salt, strain and drink. Eating an apple, a papaya or pineapple (or its juice) can help too. If you feel queasy, drink warm water with a teaspoon of lime juice or honey or make yourself a cup of hot ginger tea. Now, you can sleep like a baby and look forward to a hassle-free morning.
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Posted on : 30/12/2005
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