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Siblings Suffering From Heart disease
Research shows that apart from sharing toys and games, siblings may also share heart diseases.
If your sibling is suffering from heart disease, then there's an increased chance of your getting it, says a study.This is a higher risk than if your parents have heart disease, says the study published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers led by Joanne M. Murabito compared the occurrence of heart disease in about 2,475 people with and without siblings over eight years. This new study shows that having a brother or sister with heart disease is a significant independent risk factor, reported health portal Health-Day News.

Murabito said: "We found that participants who had a brother or sister with cardiovascular disease had higher levels of risk factors compared with participants who had a sibling without the disease.

"In addition, participants with a brother or sister with cardiovascular disease had a 45 percent increased risk for the disease. "

The known risks for heart disease include family history of the condition, age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, current or former smoking, physical inactivity and diabetes.

The increased risk appears to be attributable to a combination of genetics and childhood environmental exposures, the study found.

Murabito believes that people should know if their siblings have heart disease and be aware that their own risk could increase.

She said: "It is important for physicians to collect a family's medical history. "It is important to consider sibling cardiovascular discase history when looking at people with elevated levels of risk factors.

"Although you can't change your family, you can modify many lifestyle-related risk factors for heart disease."

"You can keep your blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar under control. You can maintain a healthy weight by regular exercise, and if you smoke, you can quit. "
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Posted on : 30/12/2005
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