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Mass Media: Career Avenues
In today;s competitive world where students are trying their best to choose the right career for themselves, the media industry has a lot to offer. Read on to find out the pros and cons of a career in the industry.
In the era of tonnes of newsprint at the doorstep, numerous television channels, boom in advertising and internet-related jobs, India being the largest film producing nation…there is hype and hoopla about great careers in media for aspiring individuals. The industry is vast: television, radio, films, newspapers, advertising, public relations, event management, corporate communication, internet companies, direct marketing, recoded music, and so on.

After completing various courses in media studies, students think that the media industry is waiting with a red carpet to invite and give them a position in the industry, which is not quite close to reality. The reasons being too many institutes offering 'on paper' courses, very little connectivity of classroom and workplace, and too many students with little 'learning' that can help the employer. There are pressures on employers who are forced to reinvest in training of new entrants who most often are looking for a big 'jump' in their careers.

Job Opportunities
The broad options available in the employment scenario are content creation or creative (visualizing, designing, writing), marketing or servicing. Creative is more often least creative and more of logistics or administration for the beginners and demands training in art or design. The possible entry points are assistant director, production assistant, journalist, scriptwriter, copywriter, client service executive, programme executive, research assistant, and so on. Usually experience at any level in the work provides growth unlike mere educational qualification. Besides it is ideal to start at the bottom as it trains one 'fully' in grassroots to a become leader in the future.

A Special Advantage
The biggest advantage in the field of media is the possibility to 'free-lance '. But with it comes the insecurity of being on your own, lack of guarantee for next assignment, unstable timings unlike the fixed 9 to 5 job. But once established, a person can get work while sitting at home.

The Disadvantages
The major difficulties observed in this field have been uncertain work timings, demands to work as a part of the team, lot of stress if not able to cope with deadlines, tremendous amount of work pressure and at times, loss of personal life vis-à-vis professional priorities. Also, one requires being cautious about negotiating salary as the profession does not have fixed salary scales.

Written by:
Dr. Mira K. Desai
Reader in Communication Technology,
P.G. Dept. of Extension Education
S.N.D.T. Women's University
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Posted on : 2/1/2006
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