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Decide The Way You Want To Live
In order to achieve the life you want, you will have to set definite goals and fulfill certain commitments.
I personally believe that the quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of our commitments. If we have accurate, high quality, productive, good-for-everyone commitments, then we arel likely have a high-quality life, if we maintain our integrity and honour our commitments.

Commitments come in varying intensities, importance, and duration. Intensities vary because of risk, liability, sensitivity and the deadline involved. Importance varies according to the level of significance we assign to each commitment.

The higher our priority for that commitment, the higher the level of importance should be.

Durations can vary for many reasons. We agree to sit on a board or committee for a specified length of time, then that commitment is done. We decide to become a physician. That commitment initially involves at least 12 years. There is a four-year undergraduate degree. There is medical school, an internship, a residency programme. Later, there are ongoing requirements for continuing education. We decide to get married and have children.

Ideally, these are life-long commitments that remain intact as long as we are alive. This is where most people falter and, therefore, experience less than their hoped for future.

What areas of our life should have lifetime commitments? Every major aspect should: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial and family. Each area deserves a life-long plan and a life-long commitment to that plan.

Commit to your concept of that which is larger than you in the universe. Many believe in God. Others do not. Some believe in monism (the doctrine that mind and matter are formed from the same ultimate substance).

Commit to a plan for life-lone learning. We are never too old or too rich to stop learning.

Commit to living a balanced life, one that includes both solitude and social contacts. If you have emotional challenges, seek professional help. It is a sign of intelligence and strength, not a sign of weakness.

Physical: Commit to attaining and remaining at your ideal body weight. Commit to SAFE strength, aerobic and flexibility exercises five or six days per week. Get a physical before you start your programme if you have been inactive until now.

Commit to living a life of prosperity-having what you need when you need it. That does not mean always having what you want when you want it. Share your prosperity with other groups and people.

Commit to supporting those in your immediate and extended family in all aspects of their life. Allow them to reciprocate.

" Remember, a quality life begins with quality commitments.
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Posted on : 5/1/2006
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