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Enhance The Beauty of Your Home
Home decorations keep changing with the latest fashion. Find out the new trends that can amke your home look beautiful and attractive.
Interior spaces herald the return of colour to home furnishings. Primary blues, bright reds, oranges, greens, purples, lavenders, yellows, as opposed to the neutral colours of the past are all the rage this season. Here is a look at the latest buzzwords in interiors around the world this season:

Shiny furniture:
The days of matte are long past. Along with bling in fashion, furniture also sports that shiny look. Rich lacquered furnishings, bronze finishes, high gloss sheen on wood and veneer is trendy for furniture. In wood, obvious grain and swirly burls and intricate inlay is quite popular.

Eco-friendly is in:
Green remains a favourite for yet another season. Shades of green and wooden brown, as if to remind you of nature, are trendy. Plants too, in small sizes, are important motifs in home decorations. Faux crocodile embossed leather on sofas and chairs are all the rage in the high-end furnishings section in the West.

Small is big:
Oversize sofas, grand dining tables, imposing closets are out. The trend is to downsize. Furniture is being resized (lower squattier) to suit the decor of smaller homes.

Go macho:
Lace and feminine frills are on their way out. Many interior experts think that though it is mainly women who buy, furniture also needs to appeal to the man of the house. Men's fashion, stripes, tweed, checks, necktie trends, are influencing upholstery in a big way.

Think plasma:
Interior designers are now planning furniture with the plasma television in mind. Although expensive, the flat plasma screen saves a lot of space. This helps in planning a flatter and lower living room cabinet style.

The elegant look:
The urban look is quite popular, but furniture is also becoming a wee bit dressier. Ornate sofas and chairs, Victorian wooden furniture like dressing tables, but in bold colours and unusual designs, are making a tentative comeback to complement the overall urban touch.

Check the bathroom:
Wrought iron frames, ornate furniture for the bathroom are all in. Contemporary cabinets but in bold colours and even hand-painted, sassy towel hooks, linen cabinets, ornate mirrors work well to accentuate a plain bathroom.

Bars and kitchen counters:
The bar island, with a counter top and tall stools, has become a popular element in kitchen designing these days.

Most people entertain regularly at home and prefer to use this kitchen island as a place to hang around and chat with guests. The bar or kitchen island could have pull-out preparation counters, chopping surface, wine-bottles, glasses storage, or a wall bracket to show off funky utensils and glasses and bottles.
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Posted on : 6/1/2006
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