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Dress Up For Yoga
while practicing yoga, we look for clothes that are very comfortable. Here are some tips on what to wear for the daily workout,
Comfort and style are both important while practicing yoga and therefore for those who prefer wearing ethnic clothes, a range of styles in traditional kurta, salwaar and churidaars made from pure cotton and cotton stretch knits and linen, are available in the market for both men and women.

Choose tops with an extended back. This covers the rear during bending exercises and is comfortable for women.

Try the bottom ribbed tee that rests on the hip and prevents it from falling during asanas like shirsasana and sarvanga asana.

Choose garments with minimal and flat seams so as to prevent irritation.

Choose tights, tracks and churi pants with gussets for extra stretching ability.

Choose clothes with no main or side labels that irritate the back of your neck or waist.

Try garments with soft trims and without hard trims like zips, buttons etc.

Check whether your tracks have reinforced tear points, so that they don't create any embarrassing situations by tearing mid-workout.
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Posted on : 7/1/2006
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