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Homes That Take Care of Your Health
A home can tell a lot about the people who live in it and the state of their mental and physical well being.
What does it take to make a home truly 'healthy?' What does it take to make a home that promotes the well-being of its occupants in every sense of the term? Cleanliness, of course, is crucial, but did you know that some of the products used in your home could actually be making you ill !

An average person spends about 90 hours a week at home. Living in a hygienic, uncluttered environment naturally ensures physical and mental well-being. When we refer to the physical health of a person we have to take in account that the hot humid, climatic conditions existing in major parts of our country make any inaccessible area of our homes a haven for thriving bacteria, germs or dust mites. Though many homes and offices these days are totally air-conditioned, even these machines if not cleaned or serviced periodically start harbouring disease-causing micro-organisms. Thus materials used for flooring, furniture, upholstery and walls should be such that they ensure maximum hygiene with minimum maintenance. Heavy upholstery or textured fabric for curtains, bed covers, sofa covers etc. for daily use should be kept to a minimum instead using cotton or other easy to wash fabric.

A common problem with flats facing roads with heavy traffic is the accumulation of soot and carbon effluents in balconies/adjoining rooms, which become very difficult to clean with time. In such areas instead of using stone claddings, texture paints or any such material it is advisable to use a variety of fully washable paints/wallpapers. Also in such areas materials like laminates, glass etc, will aid easy maintenance.

Newly painted walls cause wheezes and cough to an allergy sensitive population. We are often sold products whose environment safety is questionable. A person feels lively and energetic when he is closer to natural surroundings, and it is necessary to ensure that every room benefits from maximum available natural light.

If you are blessed with terrace/balcony in your house use it to the maximum advantage by creating your very own garden retreat to unwind. In any case trees and plants close to your house can indeed help reduce the harmful effects of air pollution.

While choosing colours keep in mind that every colour contributes to a certain look/feel. Universally, bright vibrant colours are energizing and vibrant. Though colours are a reflection of an individual's personal expression, taste or style, certain colours lend specific attributes to the function of a space.

The fastest way to energise a space that looks dull or tired is to use sunny yellows, glowing oranges or peaches with lots of white. Where there already a lot of light or to the areas where you need to draw attention you can experiment with racy reds, bold maroons, purples or violets either in the form of accents or highlights.

For peaceful areas like bedrooms and the study try limiting the range to light blues, pinks and pastel shades. These also allow you more flexibility in terms of changing furniture and layouts. Certain shades of green and blues are also known for their therapeutic qualities but these need to be used in the right amount and measure at appropriate locations. Limit the use of browns or greys in bedrooms as these can make a room look gloomy. Also you can try to use a combination of your favourite colours to achieve the look you desire.

So get going on a colourful trip to energise your dream home.
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Posted on : 11/1/2006
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