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Milk For Health
The idea of drinking milk has changed today. Some researchers say that you must drink at least one glass of milk everyday and others say that milk should be avoided if you want to be healthy.
Milk is currently unfashionable amongst the health conscious people. Some tend to link it with digestive problems, allergies, high cholesterol etc.

From a nutritional viewpoint, milk by itself is a complete food rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and B12. Ayurveda advocates fresh cow's milk for nourishing the body and considers it a sattvic (pure) food. Most ayurvedic medicines are taken with milk. According to Ayurveda, milk helps one to develop awareness and is meant for people who have a strong digestion and need to gain weight. The concern regarding milk consumption is more about the quality of milk available today than milk as a food. Ideally speaking, for milk to be useful it must be of good quality, drawn from well treated cows, not homogenized. Milk should be taken in moderate quantities as it can be difficult for most people to digest. It should be raw, fresh and free of dangerous microbes. Homogenization makes the fat in milk nearly indigestible and it may form toxic residues in the body.

Today the quality of milk available is questionable. Cows are injected with hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Any chemical to which a cow has been exposed will be reflected in the milk. They are ill treated and confined to one place and not allowed to move around freely. However for those of you who enjoy drinking milk here are a few dairy suggestions:

Try raw goat's milk instead. You should boil it before consuming it. It can be more easily digestible than cow's milk.

For those of you who wish to consume cow's milk only, make sure it is freshly drawn from healthy well-treated cows who are not injected with hormones and antibiotics. You should boil it before consuming it.

Those of you who do not want to drink milk but need Calcium supplementation, can drink carrot and spinach juice (5-6 large carrots and 10-12 leaves of spinach).

Those of you who are lactose intolerant or who suffer from mucus conditions like frequent cough, cold, sinusitis, asthma, allergies and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) should avoid milk and milk products.
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Posted on : 14/1/2006
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