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The Right Stroke for the Skin
Makeup is an art that requires the use of right tools to get the perfect finish.
Makeup brushes are essential to any makeup kit. Each item of makeup has a different size and style of brush to ensure perfect application. Very often brushes come with the makeup items you buy. But it is preferable to buy them separately. The price varies with size, quality and brand name. Here is a list of make-up brushes that are essential to own.

Eyebrow brushes:
These look like tiny toothbrushes and are used to smooth the eye-brow into shape.

Eyelash brushes:
These are comb-like brushes used to apply color as well as separate and extend individual lashes.

Lip brushes:
These are designed with fine bristles to apply lipstick, gloss or lip liner.

Face brushes:
They are the biggest makeup brushes and are used to smooth powder on the face and neck.

Concealer brushes:
These are used to hide blemishes and other flaws.

Blusher brushes:
They are soft and full and highlight your cheeks.
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Posted on : 14/1/2006
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