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Set A Career In Set Designing
We all have a set notion that interior designing is limited to homes and offices only. Today there is a wide range of areas where interior designing can be used. Set designing is one of such fields.
Think of interior designing and one can imagine houses/apartments/homes and so on. But interior designing also encompasses offices, hotels, airports, educational institutes, shops, malls, clubs discotheques, and the list can go on. The general trend is that once a Degree in Interior Designing is earned; then you begin working under an Interior Designer, work for a few years and then start on your own. This is a typical career path that is taken. Though there is nothing wrong in it, may be a twist one can think of something that can give you an edge over the other contemporaries.

Heard of set designers? To put it simply, the back-drop, which is part and parcel of any film or a TV show/serial/advertisements/award functions/concerts, is the brainchild of a set designer. Chandrakant Desai and Sharmishtha Roy are a few names that have become the pioneers of this industry and redefined the placing of two chairs and a table for a scene. Sets can take you to an era or give an additional effect to the entire scene or program. As an interior decorator understands the need of the client and also has the required creativity; an interior-designing course can give an edge in becoming a set designer.

In the set-designing course, the students are taught from basic drawing techniques and principles of design to communication theory, script reading, analysis and computer applications. They also work on 2D-3D presentations, and photography. After completing the course they gather sufficient knowledge to handle set design projects independently.

They can work as Set Designers and Art Directors in films, plays, TV serials and news channels. They can also work with event management companies as stage and backdrop designers. Moreover even work as Road Show trolley designers.

With the boom in this industry set designers are in great demand. Moreover India is the biggest producer of movies in the world and the film and the television industry is also spreading in various languages thus increasing the opportunities of employment.

All these years there have been no professional course in set designing. The people with the knowledge of film/film-making and building structures were the set designers. In today's scenario of advancement in TV and Film industry the design trends are changing very fast. Therefore the requirement of set designers and professionals is increasing. With growing competition and technological advancement, there was a need for a professional course in this arena too.
Indian Institute of Design, E-38 Ring Road, Rajouri Garden, Near Mayapuri X-ing, New Delhi-110027, is the only institute that offers set-designing course.

Some of the Institutes offering Interior Designing:

L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, St. Martins Road, Bandra (W). Mumbai-400 050.

Rizvi Institute of Interior Design, New Rizvi Education Complex, off Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai-400050.

SNDT Women's University, Nathibai Thackersey Road, Mumbai.
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Posted on : 14/1/2006
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