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Conflicting Diamonds
Diamond, the most precious stone, which was once used only to decorate kings and queens is now being traded to by lethal weapons amd ammunitions.
Ever since their discovery centuries ago, diamonds had been used entirely for beautifying Royal as well as Beauty Queens, Kings as well but modern warmongers have started misusing them by killing others! This horrifying diversion, in which surreptitiously mined and smuggled diamonds are traded for buying lethal arms and ammunition, is undertaken in civil was torn countries. Its no surprise that diamonds, which had always been measured as symbols of love and purity, have earned the obnoxious nickname Conflict Diamonds!

When the Security Council of the United Nations World Organization caught serious note of this most fateful diamond trade, it declared a universal alert. The World Diamond Congress held at Antwerp in 2000, started taking concrete steps to curtail Conflict Diamonds.

The World Diamond Council (WDC), an international body was licensed in Antwerp in July, 2000 by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association, exclusively for the function of rapidly developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to restrict trade in Conflict Diamonds while reducing impact on the legitimate diamond industry. 30 strong membership of the Council encompass all sections of the international diamonds industry - producers, manufacturers, Traders, and retailers - as well as financial institutions, governments, relevant international and civil society organization. III Izhakoff is the President. The World Diamond Council (WDC) has urged the governments of all diamonds trading countries to enact and enforce legislation for condemning the trade of Conflict Diamonds. It has also called for an international prohibition on the trade of weapons that enable rebels to wage war.
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Posted on : 18/1/2006
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