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Source and Inspirations For Jewellery Designing
The design of any jewellery is of utmost importance as it is the design that first catches the attention of the eye.
Design is extremely influenced by source of inspiration. Comprehending new shapes, forms, structure, figure, etc needs a high degree of observation, imagination, analysis & recollecting power, what we see, feel, hear greatly influences are creativity & expression. By and large, the visual information obtained influences a design the most. This is why many designs maintain a sketchbook to note visual observation.

The major design sources are-

Material Used:
Functioning with different materials gives you different experiences, a opportunity to discover something new through permutations & combinations & this may be the initial stage of a design, for example wax modeling, playing around with jewelers wax.

History & Art Eras:
History has witnessed magnificent art eras like Medieval, Egyptian, Baroque, Art Nouvean, Art Deco, etc that are rich in expression & inspiration. An artists mind can sketch brilliant ideas from their style of jewelry architecture, paintings, sculpture, textile patterns, calligraphy & other artifacts. Fusion of conservative & contemporary ideas & re-interpretation of ancient art forms can give birth to a new & original style.

Nature is an endless ocean of ideas. The different forms shapes, texture colour & varieties of flowers; animals, insects, birds, trees & other forms of life are an inexhaustible source of creative ideas. Observation & expression influenced by nature can upshot in fascinating new forms & ideas.

Symbolic Sources:
The Zodiac signs, organizational signs & symbols, occupational symbols, monograms & logos, fraternal good source of design & inspiration. The blend & use of different shapes & styles help us visualize new combination and composition.

Themes & Concepts:
If a designer thinks with an open mind he can comprehend a deep concept or theme in every art form and the same way he can integrate & express a variety of themes in his jewellery designs for instance nature, politics, social, religious, etc.

Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Photographs, visits to jewellery stores, exhibitions & museums are some other useful sources of information & inspiration but it is important to uphold your own style & originality.
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Posted on : 18/1/2006
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