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Obesity can be the cause of cancer
An obese person has more chances of getting diseases like breat, ovarian and uterine cancer.
Does overweight cause cancer?
Consider this...once you become obese, your risk of developing most diseases increases. Many overweight people have more than one complication. A high fat diet promotes tumors, cancers, obesity, heart disease, gall bladder, liver disorders and diabetes among other degenerative conditions. Stroke, cancer and heart disease are the three most common causes of death.

The American Cancer Society kept a check on 7,50,000 people for 12 years to see who would get cancer. They found that those who were 40 per cent or more over-weight were more likely to develop cancer. This means that if your height is 5.4 inches, your ideal weight should between 54-60.75 kgs. But if your weight is 80.32 kg then you are 40 per cent overweight. This would increase your risk of precipitating cancer and other undesirable conditions. Given below is a chart that helps you to determine if you are obese. Obesity is described as being 20 per cent or more than ideal body weight. Of all the types of cancers, it was found that cancer of the endometrium was most prevalent in overweight women and cancer of the prostate in overweight men. Many overweight women above 50 years have high levels of estrogen. That is because after menopause most of this hormone is manufactured in the fat cells. The more fat cells there are, the more estrogen can be made in the body. Research suggests that excess estrogen may be responsible for breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. Cancer prevention plan for the overweight: Lose weight if you are overweight Increase intake of raw vegetable juices, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes. The fruit and vegetable juice therapy has a reducing effect as well. Include food rich omega 3 fats such as fish and alsi seeds. Eliminate junk food completely. Build your immunity by taking supplements of vitamin C, E, selenium, beta-carotene. Drink wheat grass juice everyday Walk briskly for 30-40 minutes. Remember that the type of food you put into your mouth harms more than the fat it may form in your body. It is important to continue eating a high quality diet of raw juices, sprouts and no refined foods. A poor diet with no vegetables, plenty of maida, sugar, refined oil and low fibre can promote cancer and cause obesity.
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Posted on : 21/1/2006
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  • Obesity can be the cause of cancer